Why Sandals are a Better Than Other Footwear

Don’t you tire of wearing pumps sometimes? Doesn’t it get too hot to wear shoes or boots at times? Either way, you know, one piece of footwear that never gets tiring - Sandals!

That’s right. Sandals are comfy and stylish, and you can wear them for almost every occasion. You can pair sandals with jeans or dresses, and they work in almost every weather too. If you’re still not convinced, keep reading to find out seven reasons why sandals are the best.


This is pretty obvious and hard to argue with. As compared to other kinds of footwear, be it sneakers or heels, sandals tend to have the most variety and styles. There are endless designs when it comes to sandals.
There are sandals with straps, without straps, with zips, beaded sandals, jeweled sandals, flat sandals, sandals with heels, white sandals, black sandals, grey sandals and a million other unique styles that don’t even have their own category. Instead of being forced to choose from the same collection every year, sandals are always available in new styles so you can choose what you like best.


Another significant advantage of sandals is the breathability and ventilation they offer. Especially in warmer weather, wearing closed footwear like shoes and sneakers is nothing less than a nightmare. Boots and shoes can get incredibly hot, causing you to sweat more and more, leading to more discomfort and other problems.
This is one of the most fundamental reasons why sandals are the best. Most of them have an open design that lets air pass through easily. This is why they are the preferred form of footwear during summers for men and women. It prevents your feet from getting too hot and keeps you cool. On the other hand, you can either choose sandals with a more closed design during winters or even opt for socks under your slide sandals.


Smelly feet are annoying, but you know what’s even more frustrating? Smelly shoes. The odor takes days to go away, and by that time, you need to wear them again, only to sweat again and bring back that smell. It’s like a never-ending cycle.
Such smelly shoes are not just annoying but can be dangerous too for the health of your feet. That’s why open jeweled sandals or strapped sandals are so great. Even if your sandals do get damp from any sweat, They will quickly dry off. You can leave them in the sun or under a fan for a while. You don’t need to worry about wearing them again and again and hurting your feet.


Sandals are also much more convenient. Although, it depends on the design as well. Some sandals can be a little tricky with their straps and buckles. However, generally, sandals are pretty straightforward and convenient to wear.
Most of the time, all you have to do is slide your feet into them and get on with your day. Even if they have any elaborate design, it hardly takes you thirty seconds to get them on. In comparison, footwear like shoes can be pretty inconvenient at times.
You have to put your socks on, open the laces on the shoes, slide your feet in, and then begin the long process of tying the laces. Not to mention the 6 million times that the laces come undone, and you have to stop in the middle of your way to tie them back again.


When it comes to comfort, sandals are the go-to choice for a lot of people. They offer an easy fit, and with the number of styles available, it’s not too hard to find a design that feels comfortable on your feet.
Whether it’s long days of walking or standing on your feet, it doesn’t feel tiring at all with the correct pair of sandals. Of course, people who prefer comfort and style together can get them both with beaded or jeweled sandals such as those at The Accessory Barn.


Versatility is another one of the reasons why sandals are the best. They go with pretty much everything. You can pair sandals with jeans or dresses or any other outfit. You can wear them on any occasion, be it formal events, beach parties, or even when you’re making a quick run to the grocery store.
Instead of buying a different kind of footwear for different occasions, you can invest in one or two good pairs of sandals that will perfectly compliment any outfit. Shoes mostly go with your jeans and formal suits, but they are hard to pull off with dresses.
Pumps or ballerina flats can be too casual for some events. There are no such problems with sandals. On a side note, fashion is all about wearing something that makes you feel good. So if you do like wearing shoes with your dresses, go ahead and do it.


Sandals also tend to be much more compact than other types of footwear, such as shoes and heels. These can be bulky and take up a lot of space when you’re traveling with limited luggage space or even if you’re moving stuff in your car. In comparison, sandals take much less space, and you can easily fit in a pair or two wherever you like without ruining their shape.
Wrapping Up
Suppose you haven’t been convinced already, all these excellent reasons why sandals are the best must-have you believing otherwise. Sure, sometimes, other footwear might make more sense, such as when you’re exercising or going on a long hike through the forest. However, with the research and latest designs coming out, it might not be long before you start wearing sandals in those circumstances too.
Either way, you will want to start stocking up on your favorite sandals now, and there’s no place better than The Accessory Barn. With our extensive collection of beaded and jeweled sandals, there’s something for everyone at this store. From wedges to thongs, we’ve got a pair for every occasion. Check them out!

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