8 Crucial Tips for an Excellent Hotel Stay

With vacation destinations finally opening up again after being closed for so long due to Covid - everyone is now thinking about traveling again. One of the best parts about traveling is getting to explore new sights and trying out fresh foods. However, after a long day of travel and doing all sorts of touristy stuff, all you want to do is go to your hotel room, order some room service, and relax in your comfy bed. 

A good hotel stay is an essential part of your overall traveling experience, and a bad hotel can easily ruin your whole trip. So, from booking a suitable hotel to getting a great room, here are eight crucial tips for an excellent hotel stay. 

And by that, we don't just mean getting your money's worth of free soaps and shampoos!

Think About Your Vacation Needs First

If you start searching for hotels right away, you will find it quite challenging to find the perfect one for yourself. Every hotel will seem to lack something or the other. To make your search easy and ensure that you get a suitable hotel, you have to first consider your needs. 

What do you require during a hotel stay to make your time spent comfortable? Do you need a pool or a gym? Do you want breakfast services? Are you looking for a room within a specific budget or of a certain size? 

When you have all these down, it becomes much easier to filter through all the unsuitable hotels and reach the ones that fit the bill.

Check Reviews

This is a no-brainer. If you want to see what the hotel service is like, you need to go through all its reviews. The hotel will be all praises in their marketing, but actual customer reviews will paint an accurate picture. 

These reviews will give you a first-hand account of what the hotel was really like and how well they serve guests. If the reviews keep mentioning bad food or rude employees, you will know to stay away from those hotels. 

Study and Compare Prices Thoroughly

The hotel's price is always a significant concern, and that's usually the first thing that most people consider. However, if you genuinely want to stay within your budget and get the best price, you will have to assess and compare them thoroughly. 

Instead of relying on just online hotel booking platforms, check the hotel prices through their official channel. Sometimes, it can be much more inexpensive to book the hotel by contacting them directly. 

Moreover, when you evaluate and compare the prices, check precisely what is included in those packages. Do they include Wi-Fi or breakfast or parking charges, or will you have to pay for them separately, thereby increasing your costs?

Assess the Location

One of the most crucial tips for an excellent hotel stay is to assess the location. We can't stress this enough. Just the location of the hotel alone can completely change the experience of the trip. 

A hotel located in a prime location, near all the tourist spots, metro stations, buses, shops, etc., will significantly cut down your traveling time and give you more opportunities to explore the place. If there are specific attractions that you want to visit, you can search for hotels nearby. 

Getting a hotel in a good location will also save you money as you won't be getting multiple taxis to get from one place to the other. 

No Vacancy Doesn't Alway Mean No Vacancy

If you didn't book your hotel stay beforehand and all the hotels around you seem to display the no vacancy sign, don't lose hope just yet. Not all hotels that put up a no vacancy sign have no vacant rooms. 

Sometimes, they keep a few rooms in reserve, or some rooms might be going under some minor maintenance. If you ask politely, they might let you rent a room somehow. While this might not always work, it's worth a shot when you're running out of options. 

6. Let the Hotel Know About Any Special Occasions

If you have any special occasions coming up, such as a birthday, anniversary, or even if you are on your honeymoon, make sure to inform the hotel beforehand. 

Sometimes, certain hotels can upgrade your room free of cost and throw in other benefits for the sake of a birthday boy or newly-wed couple. Moreover, if they need to make any other special arrangements, this allows them to do that. 

Survey Your Room as Soon as You Arrive

Your work doesn't stop at booking and securing a room. Once you have arrived at your room, before you take a nap on the bed or start putting your stuff away in the closet, do a thorough survey of the room. Does it not have the lovely view that you wanted? Do you hear a lot of noise from the guests next door? 

If there's any problem in the room, you should let the hotel know as soon as possible as this allows them to make the necessary adjustments quickly. You can even ask them to show you a few rooms within your price range and perhaps let you choose one that you like most. 

See If You Can Borrow What You Need

Many people make this mistake during their hotel stay. If they forget anything, like a hairdryer or umbrella, they instantly become grouchy about forgetting something at home. 

However, something not everyone might know is that most hotels carry the usual items you need every day and are always happy to lend them. So, the next time you forget to bring your hair straightener or need an iron, don't let it ruin your whole trip and inquire at the front desk if it can be arranged for you. 

Tips for a great vacation  The Accessory Barn

While you rely on these crucial tips for an excellent hotel stay for yourself, you also have to think about being a good guest for the hotel staff. Always follow the proper hotel stay etiquette. This will make the hotel employees' lives easier and, ultimately, make them more willing to make things easier for you too. 

If you plan to travel soon, keep an eye on our blog section over at The Accessory Barn for more travel-related advice and hacks for a great trip, plus don't forget those jewled sandals to look fantastic.


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