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In the world that we live in, fashion and style are no more limited to runways, award shows, and celebrity parties. We now have style guides and trends for every place and occasion. There are fashion rules everywhere, from colleges and offices to beaches and airports. Street-style fashion has been one of the most popular trends lately. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has changed the fashion concept. While the street style scene has always existed, it gained popularity in the last decade.

Street fashion is more about your style, personality, and preferences than following the trends set by designers and celebrities. However, with newspapers and magazines publishing candid pictures of celebrities, featuring their off-duty looks, following celebrities’ street styles has become a thing. No matter what category you fall in – whether you like to follow the latest street style trends or go for your style— here are a few Grandco Sandals you need to have to complete your look.

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Here are a few Grandco Sandals you need to complete your look. No matter what category fits best, whether street style or classic elegance-- these shoes will help put together any style and complete your look!

When you're unsure what to wear, it can make for an uncomfortable day at work or running errands. You need a go-to pair that will coordinate with everything - step in and go! We've all been there before: searching high and low, only to find one shoe that doesn't quite fit the bill, but then we cannot locate our other favorite sandals, which leaves us feeling frustrated because they were such perfect companions last time around.

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If you want to look chic this summer, pair your boyfriend jeans and a funky tank-top with stylish denim slides. Versatile and dainty, they are the perfect addition to your summer shoe wardrobe.
Slide sandals will match any wardrobe, no matter what the occasion. Whether you’re dressing up for a cocktail party, a splashy pool party, or just a simple stroll by the river – denim slides are the way to go.

Summer is the best time to sport your fancy footwear and head out for a stroll on the beach, a shopping trip to the mall, or even going to work. Whether you're aiming for a contemporary beaded flip-flop or jeweled strap summer sandals, there's a sandal for every occasion! There is an endless variety of women's slide sandals, from beaded to jeweled or even gladiator sandals. The main reason they are incredibly comfortable and easy to slip on; they feel like you're walking on air.

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