white sandals for a wedding

When looking for a particular occasion shoe, it can be hard to find the perfect fit. Nowadays, with so many different styles and brands available, any outfit looks good with just one glance on your feet - but what about all those girls who don't like wearing high heels? Grandco has some fantastic jeweled and beaded style options that are perfect for your wedding, but you can wear them repeatedly after the big day!
Grandco is the perfect balance of height and bling for your big day. The 1" white sandals have a molded heel, but it doesn't make them too high, so you can walk down the aisle confidently! These sandals come with a flash of bling as well. We're talking elegant here, ladies - don't let anyone tell a differently. There is no end to your search when you're looking for the perfect wedding dress. You spend days scouring online websites and magazines before finally settling on one. It is a definite relief when you know how your dress will look. Now you have an idea of what will make YOU feel beautiful on YOUR special day, which means less stress when choosing things like jewelry or shoes because they'll match whatever style appeals.

Wedding Prep

For daytime, evening, or beach weddings, you can have a Cinderella moment with a pair of Grandco Sandals underneath a beautiful wedding gown. You might struggle with what dress to wear. Should it be easy on the lace or add more, hair up or down, and the shoes! Where do you find shoes that fit perfectly and won't leave your feet hurting on your big day! Right now, you need to step back and relax.

Take out your wedding list and work on things one at a time.

Jeweled wedding sandals

These shoes are perfect for a bride who wants to command attention and feel unique on her special day. The jeweled straps, and delicate white beading, will make all eyes fall onto you when walking down any aisle!

You'll love how comfortable they feel - it's like having an extra layer of softness against your skin without feeling bulky or heavy. With a comfortable molded sole and beautiful beading, it is no surprise why so many women choose Grandco Sandals for their wedding footwear. Grandcos are designed with a contoured molded sole with extra arch support to minimize the pressure on the heels so that you can easily walk in all day and dance all night.

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Received my new Denim Slides, and love them, as always! I have had many pairs of your sandals through the years, in every color, and they’re my very favorite shoes. They’re very comfortable on feet that have been broken!! Your customer service is awesome! Thank you so much!!


I found these wonderful sandals in Hilton Head many years ago. Each year I would buy 2 more and wear them non-stop. Now I am happy to find a good online site to purchase new sandals.I just purchased a new style and they look even better than the picture.


I bought these in black, brown and white about 8yrs ago..and have loved them and worn them to death...so....I just reordered them in the black and brown and am so so happy with them...I am now going to reorder them in the white....and hope these all last me another 8yrs.


Nicola from the company noticed that one of the pairs I ordered was different from the rest and she emailed me asking if that is really what I wanted. Which it wasn't. So she was able to correct the order before it was shipped. Very impressed... she was able to save me the hassle of a return! Have bought from here before and will again!