Starting at $1.49, you can opt-in to the Customer Shipping Protection option at the checkout. It is available to all customers as extra peace of mind to add to any purchase. Requests for product replacement are subject to the following conditions.

Packages Marked Delivered but Missing

For any orders marked as delivered but missing, please email with your order number and let us know. Before emailing, check the usual places your USPS packages are left; I may require additional information.

Once a claim review has been processed, You will either re-sent the same product or provide a refund.

Damaged Items

For all damaged products, you must email a photo showing the damage. If the package arrived damaged from USPS, please send a picture of the package damage.

Stolen Items Procedure

For any packages believed to be stolen, you must provide a copy of a police report.

Delivery to Incorrect Address

I will not replace the product or provide a refund if you input the wrong address at checkout.

Claims Process

All claims must be made within five days of delivery and no longer than fifteen days. Where packages have been presumed lost (where the status isn't showing delivered), these must be filed after five days and within 30 days from the last checkpoint.

The Customer Shipping Protection will not be refunded when a refund is issued. Once your request has been received, it will be reviewed and approved (we reserve the right to refuse submissions deemed fraudulent). 

Once approved, you will either be sent a replacement product or provided a refund. You will receive an email confirmation either issuing a refund or a tracking number for a replacement product.

When emailing please provide the following information:

1. Your name and order number

2. Email address you placed the order under

3. Photo if reporting damage