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If you're anything like me, you LOVE shopping for shoes. The problem is, I tend to get a little carried away, and before I know it, my closet is overflowing with shoes and sandals - but of course, I am The Sandal Girl.

I have now decided its time to step out in front of the camera and do 'Lives on Facebook on The Accessory Barn's page. If you haven't already liked my page I would love you to and I think there is a place where you can sign up for notifications when I do go live.

My first one was today since I never told anyone I was going live I thought I would share it here for you. Click the link below.

So after feeling nervous about doing a live on Facebook, I received some great comments (and the good thing they weren't from my mum). I'm sharing them below because I am so grateful when people write or comment on my posts.

⭐ Loved your video. Well done for getting it done!!! I have 5 pairs of Grandco Sandals and since moving out of a city to a beach location, I literally wear them every day during the summer/autumn months. They always get comments on how lovely they are. Have a great day. Sharon from New Zealand ⭐

 Well done, great live. Done is always better perfect! Carly UK 

⭐ Well done , you was really good - Kay UK 

⭐ Love this Nicola! - Alison, US 

⭐ Love the ‘where in the world’ - Claire, UK 


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  • Julie Begg

    Love it Nicola…
    Julie, Australia xx

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