5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Sandals

Has it ever happened to you that you are incredibly excited to buy a pair of jeweled sandals? You get them, and you wear them once only to regret your choice. They are either too small or too big or hurt too much that they cause blisters. Now, not only do your feet hurt, but all your money goes down the drain! 

There are some tips that you can use to avoid this mistake. Along with that, there are many other mistakes that one can make while buying sandals. We have compiled a list of the most common mistakes that buyers make while buying sandals. So, continue reading to learn five mistakes to avoid while buying sandals and shoes.

Inaccurate size

You may be thinking to yourself, "oh, what a silly mistake to make! How can you get the wrong size?" You can. Many people do, and you may be one too. Therefore, it's best to always buy shoes when you have time. 

Some pairs of shoes fit best in the size you typically wear, but some styles may be a little tight, so you should get a size bigger. Especially styles like kitten heels, or similar pointed shoe styles where your feet don't go all the way in, usually require a bigger size. 

Try it, walk around and see if the size feels too tight, is too big, causing your sandal to slip off, or is just perfect.

Choosing Style Over Comfort

One of the most common mistakes to avoid while buying sandals is to prefer style over comfort. Even if the sandals look pretty on your feet, you won't be wearing them often if they bite and cause blisters. 

Every time you wear them, you will be in pain and won't be able to enjoy the event as much as you can in more comfortable footwear. Therefore, you should always prioritize comfort overlooks. Nevertheless, it's ideal if you get both comfort and style. If you're looking for sandals that check both the boxes, you can look up the several jeweled sandals options from Grandco.

Picking the Wrong Color

There are too many things that can go wrong with the color you choose. Of course, a bright-colored pair of sandals can make your outfit stand out, but at the same time, not every color is wearable. 

Moreover, it's not necessary that if the color looks good on somebody else, you would like it on yourself too. Therefore, check out all the colors when you like a style. Wear them and see which one do you like best on your feet. 

Also, remember to buy a color you don't have and go with more than one outfit. You would your new sandals to effortlessly pair with as many outfits as it can, right?

Choose Material that is Weather-Appropriate

Buying shoes could be an impulsive decision, but you do want to put some thought into it. If you are buying them in the summer, will you be able to wear it comfortably in the heat? Can you wear it outside? Are they comfortable walking in? 

If you're buying for the cold weather, will the material be able to stop the cold? Will they be slippery on the snow? Are they water-resistant or waterproof to be wearable on rainy days?

Return and Exchange Policy

Some places have flexible, accommodating return and exchange policies. Others, however, are more stringent. Therefore, look at the return and exchange policy while buying just if you are not satisfied with your purchase and would have to come again.

Online Shopping Mistakes

The trend of buying shoes online has also grown exponentially. Previously, people were not as comfortable ordering sandals online as they felt that they could never be satisfied buying shoes unless they test the shoes by wearing them. Now, however, people are more open to trying online options. Sometimes, it's a miss, while at other times, it's a hit.

To ensure that your purchase is always a hit, here are some mistakes to avoid while buying sandals online.

Not Looking for Quality

Online ads are so attractive that they have the power to make you buy their product instantly. At times like these, buyers order the product and think about its quality later. Make sure that you don't do this while buying shoes.

You don't want to be disappointed while you order something that looks pretty online but looks substandard and shabby when it arrives. Therefore, always order from credible places that have genuine pictures up.

Buying based on Images

Always see if the images that online websites have uploaded are genuine or rip-offs from some other brands.

Another thing that sets you up for disappointment is not verifying if the product is in the exact shade that the image shows. Often, the product description puts a disclaimer saying that the shade in the image may be a little different from the product due to lighting and camera.

A way to check the product's exact color is to see the comments section. Some buyers do put pictures of the product they received. If you're lucky, you can see the actual color that you will receive.

Not Checking the Shoe Reviews

What is your method to check the credibility of online pages? If they have enough followers? You will be surprised to know that even Instagram and Facebook pages with many followers may be scams. 

Therefore, the best way to ensure that the page you're ordering from is credible is to check reviews. See what's the page's rating is if they have testimonials from buyers. Another way to ensure if they are genuine is to ask around. Ask in your circle if they have brought from the place and were satisfied with their purchase.


Buying the right jeweled sandals may be a little tricky. However, we hope you will keep in mind the mistakes to avoid while buying sandals, making your purchase a breeze. 

Buying sandals in a store is still relatively easy, but if you are interested in buying sandals online, you can check The Accessory Barn. They have a great variety of sandals, and their jeweled sandals are so gorgeous that you will end up buying a pair or two!


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