What your Sandals say About You

Just as your clothes and accessories showcase your personality and mood, your shoes also make a significant statement about who you are. Many people judge a person’s character just by looking at their shoes. So, whether you love your sparkling jeweled sandals, your comfy snickers, or those killer high heels, your choice of footwear is to tell others a lot about you. Read on to find out what your favorite footwear says about you. 

Are You a Wedge Sandal Girl

This is the perfect fusion between comfort and style. If you love your Grandco wedges, you prefer to have a balance between being down to earth and fashionably sexy. You are straight forward, self-assured, and practical. 

Running Shoes Are Your Friends

If converse, snickers, and other sporty footwear are your daily wear, then you are an athletic, outgoing and outdoorsy person. You are also artistic and love to travel and discover new places. This might also indicate that you live in your own exciting world of adventures to care about the rest of the world. 

Forever flats

Ballerinas, slide sandals, and other flats are your go-to wherever you go. This means you are sweet-natured, understanding, and friendly. Your choice of footwear showcases that you are an extrovert and love meeting new people. However, your homely and comfortable beaded sandals are your saviour.

Grandco Sandals Enchanted Beaded Flip Flops

Flip-Flops All the Way

These are easy to figure out. If flip flops are your favorite footwear, then you are an easy-going and chilled out individual. You love to go with the flow and are accepting of whatever life brings your way. Instead of succumbing to the pressures of society, you opt to make and follow your own rules and prefer to do things that make you happy, whether society accepts it or not. You are well prepared for anything and are unconventional, spontaneous, and live in the moment. 

Beaded Sandal Forever

Love your beaded sandals? You are a very down to earth person. You are someone who loves to watch the sunrise, go on a hike, and love doing outdoorsy things. You are an open spirit who loves nature and unwinds in the therapeutic effects of nature. You have a loving, generous, and nurturing energy. This is what makes people around you love you the most and rely on you than anyone else.

Jeweled Flip Flops

If you love wearing dazzling, bright colored shoes and jeweled sandals, then you are probably an extrovert. It indicates that you are an outgoing person. You are talkative, outgoing, and love to be the center of attention. The party doesn’t indeed start till you arrive! 

Grandco Sandals Orion Wedges

There you have it; your personality type is described as per your choice of footwear. There are plenty of other different styles too, but the condition and color of the shoes also say a lot about you. Worn-in shoes show you are emotionally stable and an extrovert. There are so many things your shoes can highlight about your personality. But no matter what others think or perceive, you should keep on flaunting your favorite shoes with confidence! 

Grandco Sandals Customer Review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These are the most beautiful and comfortable jeweled sandals, ever. Easy ordering, shipment arrived right on time. I will buy again.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is my 8th pair of Grandco slides because I love their comfort. They have excellent arch support and the jeweled straps miss hitting my bunions. They're very beautiful also. The Orion black slide is much prettier than pictured and is very rich looking. I absolutely love these sandals!

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