What Tools To Use For An At-Home Pedicure

We all need to keep our toes polished and prepared for the summer. Have you thinking of getting a pedicure? Do you need to get your toes jeweled sandal ready?

With social distancing in place, visiting a salon has become a luxury of sorts. Even if you do go, you have to take a number of precautions and make sure to keep your distance from other people as much as possible. The good news - You can always do a pedicure at home! All you need is few items, and you are good to go!

Read on as we discuss the most common tools for a pedicure and what you need to do a home pedicure

What Tools Do You Need for a Pedicure? 

If you are planning to do a pedicure at home, here are some of the things you will need:

1. Nail Clipper

This one’s pretty obvious, and you probably already have it at home. However, we recommend taking a look at the condition your nail clipper is in before you use it. Old nail clippers are often unable to cut a nail properly and can leave a poor finish, giving your feet an unseemly appearance. 

Investing in a good pair of nail clippers can help you cut your nails in a more precise way without pulling, tearing, or breaking the nail. They also make your feet look pretty and sandal ready – which is usually the whole point of giving yourself a pedicure. 

2. Nail File 

Another common tool for a pedicure, a nail file, helps refine your toenails and makes your feet look perfect for showing off your new pair of jeweled sandals. There are plenty of options you can choose from too. You get a wooden file, a glass file, or a crystal file. 

According to experts, a glass nail file is best for natural nails. The natural smoothness of these files can help you avoid any broken, chipped, or split nails. 

3. Cuticle Pusher

Your cuticles protect your nails, as well as the skin that surrounds them from getting infected. If you cut your cuticles, it becomes easier for germs and bacteria to get inside and cause an infection. Using a cuticle pusher can help you avoid this. A cuticle pusher is used to push away the skin from your cuticles. Doing so can help improve the health of your nails and help them grow stronger. Be sure to buy a good cuticle pusher if you want to do a pedicure at home. 

4. Cuticle Nipper

If you are giving yourself a pedicure, you’ll want to get rid of any dead skin surrounding your nails. You can use a cuticle nipper for this. This handy tool helps snip any dead skin off your cuticles. 

When you are using a cuticle nipper, make sure you sanitize it first. You should also apply something that will soften the skin surrounding your nails. Once you have done that, use the cuticle nipper to pry away any dead skin gently. Sanitize the cuticle nipper again after you are done using it. You can also moisturize your nail bed afterward.  

5. Cuticle Oil

Besides the tools for a pedicure mentioned above, you will also need things like cuticle oil. Applying a layer of cuticle oil helps improve blood circulation in the area around your nails. This can stimulate nail growth and also protect your cuticle and nail against trauma. Besides this, applying cuticle oil can give your nails a healthy appearance. We recommend buying cuticle oil from a brand you trust for the best results. 

6. Foot Mask 

You will need to get a foot mask if you are giving yourself a pedicure at home. Foot masks can do wonders for your feet. They can soothe the skin of your feet and moisturize them. They are also particularly helpful for taking care of dry, cracked, and split skin. 

Besides this, foot masks can draw skin impurities, improve circulation, and help exfoliate the skin of your feet. Last but not least, they can trap and eliminate any unpleasant foot odors. 

Besides the tools and other items mentioned above, you will also need a nail polish remover, essential oils, a pumice stone, a soft towel, some moisturizer, and a small tub that you can soak your feet in. Depending on the technique you are using, you might need some small pebbles too. 

Why Do a Pedicure at Home? 

Doing regular pedicures at home does more than making your feet look pretty. They also ensure that your toenails are trimmed properly and the skin of your feet is well cared for. You are also less likely to develop calluses. 

Some benefits of doing a pedicure at home include:

1. They Can Prevent Foot Infections 

Pedicures can help ensure your feet are moisturized properly. You also clip, cut, and clean your toenails properly when you do a pedicure. These things can help reduce the chances of infection. For example, if the skin on your feet is dry and chapped, it is more likely to get infected. The same applies to ingrown toenails, which often lead to an infection.  

2. It Improves Nail Health

As we mentioned earlier, when you buff your nails or use a cuticle puller and nipper, it can boost blood circulation in the area surrounding your nail bed. This can improve the health of your nails and help them grow stronger. 

3. It Can Save You Money 

Another great benefit of doing a pedicure at home is that it can save you quite a bit of money. Getting a pedicure at a salon is usually reserved for special occasions when you want to indulge yourself. However, if you learn how to do a pedicure at home, you don’t have to worry about the cost and give your feet the kind of treatment they deserve. 

 Get Jeweled Sandal Ready with a At Home Pedicure 

If you are planning to do a pedicure at home, it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary tools for a pedicure available. We also recommend checking the condition they are in to get the best results possible. Once you are done with your pedicure, you will be ready to step out and show off your beautiful feet! 

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