Jeweled Sandals Perfect for a Bride!

I married back in London's mid-'90s; I remember hunting around the stores with my mum (the English spelling!) trying to find a comfortable but great looking pair of shoes for my big day. I quickly realized that almost all I was trying on was hurting while trying them on in the store. How was I going to spend the whole day and evening in them?

I ended up with a little pair of lace wedding boots - they were comfortable, looked the part, and just under 2" high. Wearing a comfortable pair of shoes on my wedding day was essential.

Grandco Sandals for a WEDDING

With the trend for beach weddings on the rise, a pair of Grandco Sandals is an excellent choice of shoe for a bridal and her bridesmaids. Like me, no bride wants to compromise on comfort and fashion while still staying within a budget! 

If only these jeweled sandals had been around when I was getting married, although I loved the boots, they have never been worn again, and I certainly couldn't take them on honeymoon with me! Grandco's would have been the perfect choice since they checked all the boxes for me 

1. Comfortable

2. Look fantastic

3. Not overpriced

4. Can be worn over and over 

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