The Accessory Barn Tips - 3 Uses for WD-40

I don't know about you guys, but over the years, I have found tons of uses for WD-40 and not just for the usual creaky doors or preventing rust! Here are some of the different types of things I have used WD-40.

One of my kids once stuck gum on a fluffy blanket - I had read all the tips about freezing it and chipping it off after, I had struggled with that on a previous occasion, but I ended up having more success with spraying a little WD-40 on there. I have also heard people use it for gum in the hair; although I haven't tried this, I imagine it would work well.

One of my all-time pet peeves is stubborn stickers or price tags that just can't be removed with ease. Just apply, leave for a few moments, and the sticky stuff should rub off in no time. Why stores have to use the stickest labels and can't put them in a more discreet place is beyond me.

It is also great to use on stainless steel appliances to get fingerprints off; now, if they could just make it smell a little nicer, that would be great.

A few months back, I was struggled to get a ring off my finger; after trying all my usual go-to ways without any success. I found my WD-40 after a little spray that ring came whizzing off.

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