The Accessory Barn - 5 Tips for Beach Lovers

I love a day out at the beach, but the sand drives me crazy it always ends up everywhere. Follow some of our tips for a great beach day, and maybe you might end up leaving more sand at the beach than usual.

Use Talc for Sandy Feet

Are you frustrated with sand sticking to your feet, then when you put your jeweled sandals on, it is everywhere? A handy size of talcum powder will do the trick - rub talcum powder onto your feet, which will help stop the sand from sticking so much, and you can slide your Grandco Sandals straight on!

Keep Your Valuables Safe

To help protect your items, money, and valuables while enjoying a day at the beach, wrap them in a child’s diaper or inside an empty pot of baby wipes. This will disguise what they are and deter thieves on the beach!

Don't forget the Lotions

If you have sunburn or your skin has been exposed to the sun for too long, it will be craving some moisture! Bring along some aloe vera juice to the beach to restore your skin’s moisture throughout the day, and you could even freeze it for an extra cooling touch! Most after-sun lotions contain aloe vera because of its unique healing quality.

Spare Beach Towels

Take an old beach towel and turn it into a brilliant towel or pillow combination by putting a pillow at one end and sewing the towel together. Not only can you lounge in comfort, but it rolls up perfectly for you to take away too.

On trips to the beach, sand gets everywhere! Take a fitted mattress sheet and lay it out upside down on the beach. Put something in each corner to hold it up, perhaps your bag, jeweled sandals, or other items, and you’ll be sand-free wherever you lounge!

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