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The days when people used to wear PJs while traveling are long gone. Thanks to celebrities, airport fashion has now become a thing. While pulling off a perfect airport look isn’t that difficult for celebrities, it is very tricky for a regular person.

You can’t overlook the fact that you will have to stand in long-lines, use those cringe-inducing restrooms, and will not be escorted by the airport security to the first-class lounge – not to forget that you have to sit in one place for an extended period of time. So, you can’t travel wearing that little black dress and stilettos to the airport no matter how gorgeous they are. But, this doesn’t mean you should look frumpy while traveling.

The Stylish Perfect Airport Look

A perfect airport look is equal parts stylish, practical, and comfortable – yes, comfort and class can coexist. All travelers and stylists agree that a perfect travel outfit includes.
• A soft, comfy shirt
• Fitted, stretchable pants
• A cardigan or jacket
• Shoes that are both stylish and comfortable
• A few accessories

Every item determines your overall look. Here’s how to make sure you look cool and classy.

Wear a Statement Coat or Jacket

A nice, stylish coat or jacket can instantly upscale even your most basic outfit. Wear your most comfortable tee or sweatshirt and the basic blank pant, put on a handsome coat or jacket, and you are ready for the airport.

Wear All Black

Have to catch a 5 am flight? We know the struggle. But, this shouldn’t stop you from looking stylish and classy. Black never fails to make an impression. Wear an all-black outfit with some cool accessories, like a stylish bag. Complete your look with a pair of gorgeous Grandco Sandals, and you are good to go.

Make Use of the Powerful Combo - Hat and Sunglasses

Google airport fashion or airport outfits, and you will notice that most of the celebrities wear hats and sunglasses. While celebrities also wear these items to conceal their identity, they have the power to make you look stylish even when you have just got off the plane after a 10-hour flight. Sunglasses and a hat (as long as it’s not a baseball cap) are the items that give off a trendy and high-fashion vibe.

Make a Statement with Your Shoes

The simplest way to elevate your airport look is to wear a pair of shoes that’s both sand comfy. The Accessory Barn has an amazing collection of Grandco slides, thongs, and wedges that are specifically designed to provide both comfort and style. As these shoes go with literally every type of outfit, Grandco Sandals are perfect for travelers.

Grandco Sandals Bahama Blue

Just because you are not a celebrity doesn’t mean you cannot pull off a perfect airport look. Remember these tips for the next time you are going to take a flight, and you will see how much of an impact these simple tips and tricks can make.


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