Sandals That Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Some women love to splurge on shoes. No amount of shoes can satisfy their urge to get more and more new shoes. Others, however, prefer to invest in good-quality pairs of footwear. If you are either of these types, continue reading to find out all the sandals that every woman needs in her closet.

We have come up with a concise list of the best sandals that every woman needs in her closet. If you are looking to splurge on some new jeweled sandals, trendy white sneakers, white sandals, or any other footwear, read ahead to see what you need from our list.

Ballet Flats

You knew that we would be starting our list from this. Ballet flats are the most classic and wearable set of shoes that everyone must have at least one of these.

Ballet flats are not just superbly comfortable and are practically the most wearable shoes. You can wear them to school, in meetings, while running errands, and literally everywhere.

Moreover, they pair effortlessly with every attire. Be it a casual summery dress or a fall jumpsuit, or formal workplace attire; you can trust your ballet flats to complete your look.

They come in a variety of materials such as leather and suede and various colors. If there is a color you must get ballet flats in, it should be a neutral brown or a matte black as they go along with every color.


Heels could not be far behind. Now that we are talking about every type of sandal that every woman needs in her closet, we could not have committed the crime of ignoring heels.

While all pairs of heels are not comfortable, and exceptionally high heels pain your feet, they are such a style statement that you must have at least one pair of heels in your closet. Of course, the more, the merrier.

If you want to stand out, heels should be your go-to. If it's a party, wedding, formal office event, you can depend on your high heels to add style quotient to your look.

They add spark and oomph to your look. Be it a little black dress or a long silver gown; your heels would effortlessly complete your look and confidence and grace to your walk.

Simple, single-strap heels are the most in right now. They are also more wearable than strappy heels, which limits the occasions you can wear them to. Get classy heels in black or gold, as these two colors go with most outfits. However, if you are looking for something more daring and outstanding, you can choose a bright red. That will surely turn all heads towards you.

Thong Sandals

This is one of the styles of sandals that every woman needs in her closet. You need at least one pair of thong sandals for the summer weather. 

There are some places you cannot wear your casual flip-flops too, but you want the same comfort that they give you. For such occasions, thong sandals come in handy. They are as comfortable as your flip-flops but definitely are more presentable.

They are perfect for a quick drop-off to your child's school, a trip to your neighbor's, or some grocery shopping. Getting a good-quality pair of thongs will last you a long time. One of the most affordable and durable styles of thong sandals we recommend are those from GrandcoIts styles are chic, affordable, and durable. They are also ideal if you don't prefer wearing something completely flat as they have an inch of height.

One of the best-selling designs is the Grandco Triple Vase. It comes in three standard colors; black, white, and brown. You can check them out to see what the hype is all about. Indeed, you would not regret this purchase, and they will hold a lasting place in your closet.

Slip-on Sneakers

Just like you need comfortable outdoor appropriate sandals for the summer, you need a practical set of footwear for the winters. Slip-on sneakers are comfortable and easy to wear. 

If you are looking to get one pair of sneakers, you must get them in either white or black. White slip-ons are the most comfortable, and you must have seen practically every teenager wearing them. They are in trend, and white appears to go along with every outfit. If you are scared that white will get dirty quickly, get a darker color, such as black. Black, as we know, also goes with everything.

T-Strap Sandals

Sometimes you want something playful yet comfortable. In such cases, T-straps will be your best call as they are stylish yet comfortable. They are perfect for summer. You can wear them down with a summery dress or wear them up with more formal attire and darker makeup, and they will go equally well with both kinds of looks.

We recommend T-strap sandals when you want something easy on the feet, but also something that looks good. If you are going on a plane or traveling via road, choose T-strap sandals for the ride if you are not a shoe person. They will be comfortable yet make you look put-together and presentable.

If you are looking for a pair that will be affordable, durable, and look good with everything, check the T-strap sandals by Grandco at The Accessory Barn. One of the best-sellers is the Pebbles T-strap. They come in navy and tan, which are such wearable colors, and go with all outfits. It has an elegant stone on the center of the sandal, making these jeweled sandals particularly attractive. Put them on and get ready to stroll at the beach.

Another fabulous design of jeweled sandals is the Wave T-strap sandals. They come in three colors and have chunky stones all over the straps, making them stand out. They are gorgeous and ever-so-comfortable that they will certainly become one of your favorite jeweled sandals.

Final Thoughts

There are some clothing items that every woman must possess. Similarly, there are kinds of footwear that every woman must own. We hope that you benefit from this list and now know better about which style to get. Now, if you're looking for an online store that you could buy the best sandals that every woman needs in her closet, head over to The Accessory Barn to choose from several

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