How to Rock a Military Look with Grandco Sandals

Military-style fashion is what the ‘good girl gone bad’ likes to wear and is the newest trend over the years. We’re talking moss-green camouflage designs, khaki combat leggings, bombastic shades, and many animal prints.

The word “military” may sound like a fashion inspired by uniformity and subordination, but it’s quite different. If military-style were all about keeping it low-key and colorless, then women would probably never add camouflage prints to their wardrobe with such great enthusiasm.

Military Leggings

The reason for the enduring popularity of camo leggings, army-green trench coats, and the Hussar Jacket is that military-style fashion is radical, vibrant, and perfect for contemporary women. Clothes can say plenty about an individual’s style. Women’s military clothing trend exudes a sense of independence and adventure. Some popular brands that consider army fashion their forte are Burberry, Chanel, and Ralph Lauren. Of course, for such a versatile and popular fashion, the footwear has to be just as alluring.

Military Footwear Styles

When it comes to “military footwear,” there isn’t much variety except for closed-off boots. Whether they’re military boots, trench boots, or jungle boots, they’re all just one category. Switching a pair of lackluster boots with some pearled wedges, jeweled sandals, or simple stilettos is a wonderful way to spruce up your fashion.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the ideal sandal footwear you could be wearing with your military-style fashion.

Denim Sandals

Military clothes are usually in earthy colors like moss green, dusty pink, and rusty brown. Hence, a pair of blue denim sandals would sit perfectly with the pale shades. For the winters, feel free to throw on a furry parka coat with a pair of denim wedges to gear up for some fashionable military action.

Jeweled Sandals

Jeweled sandals, in either black or white, are cute sandals for women that look lovely under leg-bare trench coats. Not only do they enhance the beauty of your delicate heels and toes, but the simple color and the sparkling jewels also blend well with the military theme.

Black Stilettos

If you want to keep it simple and classy, black stilettos are your safest and trendiest choice. They’re easy to walk in, perfect for adding those few inches to your height and look smart with a pair of skin-tight pants and a Hussar Jacket.

Military fashion is all about comfort and wearability. Step out in the latest trends this season! 

Grandco Sandals Lick Lock Wedge

Whether it's Monday blues, personal issues, an important presentation coming up, a tough day at work, everyone needs a bit of confidence boost now and then. No matter what the reason, tweaking your appearance can be a significant confidences booster. When you look good, you feel good. What better way to boost your confidence than knowing you look fabulous!

Wearing Comfortable Jeweled Sandals

There is no other confidence booster than wearing shoes or sandals that are comfortable no matter what you are doing and where you are going. Whether you are out partying all night long, these Grandco wedges will give you the comfort level to dance the night away without ending up with throbbing feet. Worrying about tripping or wobbling as you walk with heels is a sure-fire way of losing your confidence level.

Jeweled sandals are perfect for a night out and will not only look stylish but would also be super comfy, no matter how long you dance or walk around. For a more casual event, beaded sandals would be a great alternative. Hanging out with friends or running around doing chores, these jeweled sandals will keep you going without killing your feet and confidence.

Select a Great Accessory

Where ever you are going, be sure to add in one item that would make you feel like a superstar, whether that be a fancy jacket, that sparkly clutch, the designer sunglasses, or those jeweled sandals. This will be an instant confidence boost and will have you tossing your hair back like the superstar you are. Just one luxury item weaved into your attire can boost your confidence to its fullest.

Highlight Your Best Features

Everyone of us has at least one feature that makes us feel ravishing! Utilize your best qualities to the maximum and boost your confidence. The more you highlight the positive parts, the happier you will feel about yourself. And the happier you feel, the more confident you would become. Do you have pretty feet? Show them off in jeweled sandals! Have beautiful hands? Wear stunning rings. Have amazing hair? Show it off in a unique hairstyle, or wear it down. Love your lip's shape? Apply a bold shade of lipstick. 

Love your long legs? Flaunt them in a flattering skirt or short dress. When you highlight your best features, you will feel amazing—feeling self-conscious about your plunging neckline? Worried, your skirt is too tight or short? Sure, you are going to fall in those high heels? Are you feeling awkward in that new shade of lipstick? Anxious that your bracelets making too much noise? There can be numerous things about your attire that can make you feel fidgety and self-conscious, which shatters your confidence.

What is the Solution

Get rid of those things! Stop torturing yourself by forcing uncomfortable things on yourself. This will not only lower your confidence levels but will reduce our productivity levels since you would be constantly worried about your appearance. Do yourself a favor and opt for things that make you comfortable, stylish, and confident!

Grandco Sandals Customer Review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I ordered two pair in the wedge style and I love them! They are extremely comfortable! I ordered them in a 6 because the website suggested they run small! Very good advice! Good service.

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