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Dressing up for an evening party can always be a tricky affair. You don’t want to do much, but you don’t want to look under-dressed as well. There’s so much to decide. The right dress, the right shoes, what fabric should you wear? What kind of jewelry would go with it, and of course, whether it all matches the party theme (if there is one).

If you are having trouble deciding what to wear for an evening party, stress no more! Whether it’s an office party or a family event, here are a few tips that can help you look graceful and regal:

There’s usually no fixed dress code for an evening party, but you should still try to match your attire with the theme stipulated. Office cocktail parties, for example, are usually a formal affair. Some pieces are complemented by color options, so you can try wearing a color that matches the theme. In other cases, themes may revolve around seasons such as a spring theme, monsoon theme, or a winter theme.
If it’s a cocktail party to celebrate a particular festival such as Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, then you can simply match your dress according to the festival.

What Kind of Dress is Suitable

Always try different outfits so that you are not labeled as uninteresting and boring. You can try out different styles featured in Vogue. It’s a party, after all; why not turn a few heads? When deciding what to wear for an evening party, you can try a variety of traditional fabrics like satin or silk. They will give you a correct look you need for a formal occasion. If it’s an office party, these fabrics can make you look casual yet professional. 


Accessories matter so much in making your look a stylish one. Besides choosing rich color fabrics, you must also select the right jewelry. The jewelry you wear should be modern and professional yet casual. You can choose sparkling, dangling jewelry that matches your dress and also rakes in some compliments.

Shoes or Sandals

The shoes you pick out are equally important. You can opt for high heels, strappy sandals, jeweled sandals, or black pumps, to name a few.
Flat jeweled sandals are an excellent option for an evening party. They are subtle yet still sparkly and will add the right amount of class to your cocktail dress. You can also dance comfortably in them. Wedge sandals are another great option if you’re looking for a little more height but don’t want to wear heels. If it’s a spring theme, then wedge sandals with their colorful beadwork are a perfect choice. They are comfortable yet stylish, and like the jeweled sandals, they allow for comfortable dancing as well.

As tricky as it is, dressing up for an evening party can be fun. While most women will get nearly all of it right, picking out the right shoes is sometimes more challenging than the rest. If you’re looking for a good collection of jeweled sandals, we suggest you shop at The Accessory Barn. You will not be disappointed.


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  • Nancy Balcarras

    Wish you would get a Canadian website
    Friend and I have ordered several pairs from accessory barn and shared shipping charges, probably own nearly 20 pairs each of us
    Now with shipping fees and Canadian dollar, just too expensive to order

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