Jeweled Sandals - To Go With Your LBD (Little Black Dress)

Summer cocktail parties are the perfect time to throw on that little black dress. There is something quite alluring about dressing in black. Even when summers call for light pastels and vibrant hues, stepping in a black dress at an evening party can quickly make you the center of attraction. Plus, any tipsy spills here and there won’t show because black camouflages any and every stain. 

You’re free to accessorize your LBD any way you like it but remember to keep the accessories to a minimum so that your dress remains the statement. But this isn’t to say that you should entirely forego your footwear! Make an effort with shoes, always remember this. Simple high heels look stunning on a short dress, while flats are just as elegant. However, what can bring out your shine is a striking pair of jeweled sandals

And luckily, there is a lot to experiment with when it comes to jeweled sandals. The following are a few ideas to match your dress. 

Summer Wedge Sandals

When it comes to evening dresses, wedge sandals aren’t usually the number one choice. Ladies prefer stilettos with short skirts or dresses because they’re sharp and edgy. If you’re looking for something comfy as flats but still arch-based, Bamboo style is a great option!
Wedge sandals are stylish yet comfortable with their thick platform heel. Grandco Sandals can provide an even distribution of foot weight, sparing your heels of any discomfort. Jeweled sandals like Bamboo Wedge may resemble a simple jeweled flip-flop, but they are WAY more elegant and can make you look tall and classy in that little dress.

Bright pearled white sandals with a cute dress can seal the deal for a perfect evening look. With shiny pearls and an elegant platform heel, these shoes can make any dress look chic and stylish. If you are continuously standing during the party, then these jeweled sandals help arch-pain, allowing you to move around gracefully.

Platforms usually have soft, comfortable soles, so you can even wear them on regular days too. The gorgeous stones on these sandals give an added pop of color to a dress. 

Grandco Sandals - Orion Wedge 

Another great idea is to pair up Orion wedges with your LBD. The statement stones and metallic beads on these strappy sandals are guaranteed to give your feet that extra edge. They can also work great with casual outfits if you’re in the mood to add some bling to your look.

Consider adding a pair to your summer wedges to your shoe closet. Check out our comprehensive, stellar range of Grandco Sandals that are perfect for both casual and formal wear. With such a wide variety of jeweled sandals to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find something for yourself! 

Grandco Sandals Orion Wedge


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