5 Jeweled Grandco Sandals for Springtime

Are you packing for a springtime holiday? You’ll need some great choices in footwear then! But what can capture the bright hues associated with spring and also give an elegant and stylish look to your feet? The answer jeweled sandals

Looking cool and stylish isn’t always about wearing clothes from high-end brands, copying the style of your favorite top model, or following the latest trends. If you know how to do it right, even the simplest tricks like tucking in the t-shirt, throwing on a cool pair of sunglasses, or changing your shoes can instantly transform your outfit and upscale your look.

When it comes to elevating your style game with things other than your clothes, shoes should be your first priority. Experiment with your shoes rather than jewelry or other accessories to stand out from the crowd.

While you can always opt for a pair of sneakers, pumps, or boots if you want to play safe, opt for something different to add a personal touch to your style. 

5 Grandco Sandal Styles for You

Link Locked Wedge

These wedge sandals perfectly combine a designer look with height to give a touch of glamour. This pair of jeweled sandals carry stone that has a Gucci inspired look to them. Perfect for a springtime holiday, you can slip these on at a beach party and dance the night away in comfort because that’s the best thing about these sandals – they pamper your feet like no other and also make them look pretty. They come in a white sandal or black sandal, and you can purchase whichever one you like the most. 

Grandco Sandals Link Locked Wedge

Bamboo Wedge

Bamboo is a classic look sandals encrusted with beads and jewels. If you’ve got a tropical destination in mind, these are a perfect choice. They will keep your feet comfortable and will go perfectly with the culture as well. You can buy them in black and white shoe base.

Grandco Sandals - Bamboo Wedge

Royal V

The Royal V will make for another colorful addition to your jeweled sandal collection. Having beautiful beadwork in green, grey, and blue, the Royal V is a product of delicate craftsmanship, which is accentuated by its silver stone base. The colors will perfectly capture your mood during a springtime holiday and amp up your look at a beach party. Given the colorful variety of colors in the style, this pair of jeweled sandals will work well with multiple dresses. 

Grandco Sandals Royal V

Bahama Blue

If you’re thinking of beaches as a destination place for your springtime holiday, the Bahama Blue is a must-have. The turquoise beadwork in this one is reminiscent of the sea and perfectly captures the sand and sea ideals one attaches to a beach holiday. It is further accentuated by settings of silver, which give these sandals a cool, vintage look. You can buy these in a choice of black sandals, grey sandals or white sandals.

Grandco Sandals Bahama Blue

Sea Shell

Another unique design, the Sea Shell, is inspired by elements you would associate with the sea. Unlike the Bahama Blue, the Sea Shell has a completely different look to it. You can wear these beauties at a party by the sea or even when you’re missing your favorite place to be. The gems are shell-shaped and have an authentic look that you won’t find elsewhere. They come in a black or white base. 

Grandco Sandals Seashell

Well, there you have it! You will find many more options for jeweled sandals for a spring holiday. Since spring is all about colors and rejuvenation, we suggest you drop your neutral-colored footwear and really embrace the season with all its hues.

Grandco Sandals Customer Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These sandals are really cute and very comfortable! Perfect summer sandal. Shipping was fast and customer service is great. Definitely recommend The Accessory Barn!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Quick turn around. Cute design. Fit like they were custom made for my foot. Love these Grandco Flip Flops. Good quality for the money.

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