How to Make Your Sandals Last Longer

Are you fed up with your shoes getting worn out too quickly? Does it seem that all you do is invest in good pairs, only to give them away after using them for a few months? Unfortunately, this appears to be a common problem amongst people, especially the office-going folks.

You have come to the perfect place if you don't want to replace your footwear every couple of months and are looking for ways to extend their lives. We will share some tips and tricks on how to make your sandals last longer.

First of all, you should realize that not every pair of shoes and sandals can be saved and used for a long time. Some styles are used so regularly that they will wear out even if you care for them properly. So, don't expect to extend the lives of your ballet flats that you wear to your office or the sneakers that you wear to soccer practice. You know you will have to get a new pair of your everyday footwear in a few months, so it is better not to invest in a high-end pair of shoes. 

Instead, buy something that looks good, goes with most of your office outfits, and is comfortable. Save your big bucks for classic pairs. These could be a gorgeous pair of black or nude heels for women, and for men, they could be the perfect leather shoes that compliment your formal looks.

At the same time, make sure that if you are purchasing a luxurious brand, they are worth your money. Not every high-end item provides quality and comfort. Therefore, look up online reviews, talk to people who have bought footwear from that brand, and make the purchase when your heart is set and content on it. You will love your purchase even more, when it would fit your feet perfectly, is comfortable, and finish off your look effortlessly. In such cases, you can also expect that care and caution would increase their longevity.

Be Aware of the Weather

Let's face it. If you know it's going to rain, and you still wear a pair of heels or fancy shoes, you are responsible for the death of your shoes.

Wear weather-appropriate shoes. If it's going to be hot, wear strappy sandals, beaded slides, rhinestone flip flops, wedge sandals, or ballet flats. Take out your boots if it is cold. Be incredibly particular about what you wear when it rains. Water is the quickest to damage your footwear. So, wear waterproof shoes.

If you meet rain unexpectedly, be quick to remove excess moisture from your shoes and stuff tissue paper or newspaper so that they absorb moisture from your shoes and help them retain their shape.

Don't Overcrowd your Shoes.

Lack of storage space is a legit issue, but you wouldn't want to load your shoes one on top of the other ever. It increases the risk of transferring color. Moreover, the force from the shoes piled up over them wilts them.

There is a variety of space-efficient storage boxes that you can buy so that none of your shoes touch each other. Please keep all of them in separate boxes and stuff newspapers in them to retain their shape. You must do this step especially with pairs that are dainty, like your jeweled sandals or strappy stilettos. 

Trust us; this is one of the most important tips about how to make your sandals last longer. 

Avoid Wearing the Same Sandals Everyday

We often tend to wear the same pair of footwear that we like all throughout the season.

For instance, if we have gotten neutral beige-colored jeweled sandals that go with most of our office outfits, we will likely keep wearing them every day. Not having to put any thought into which sandals to wear may save us some time early in the morning, but it indeed affects that pair of sandals. Footwear needs time to recover, and wearing the same pair of shoes every day does not allow that to happen.

Polish Your Leather Sandals & Shoes

Has it ever happened to you that you look at your favorite pair of leather shoes and wonder, "when did those get so dull? They look like a thousand years old!" Leather quickly gets dull if they are now well-cared for. Therefore, polish and condition your leather shoes with cream polish. Instead of buying a cream polish yourself, you can also go to a cobbler, and they would make your shoes look like they are brand new.

Easy Salt Stains Removal

Use one part vinegar and three parts water. It is this simple to remove salt stains from your shoes. Don't apply water alone. Instead, make this easy concoction, dip a towel, and wipe off the salt stains from your favorite pair of shoes. Wait for them to dry, and you will see they will be back to looking brand-new in no time.

Oil Stains Removal

Is it that you are struggling to remove oil stains from your shoes instead of salt? The remedy is even easier. Grab a bottle of baby powder and generously sprinkle it over the stains. The powder will absorb the oil and remove stains such that they never existed.

Buy Protectant Sprays

It would help if you bought a protectant spray that will make your shoes waterproof. So, no damage or wilting from snow or water, and no salt marks! You can easily get such sprays in shopping marts around you. Spray them all over the surface of your shoes, and get rid of wilting, salt stains, and scratches.

Leather sandals - Starfish

Seeing your favorite pair of footwear tear, break, or getting worn out is saddening, especially if it happens after wearing them only for a few months. However, there are many ways this can be prevented or at least get extended. Follow the ways we have shared about how to make your sandals last longer, and extend the lives of your favorite footwear. 

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