How to Get Super Soft Feet

Stunning dress? Check.

Hairstyle? Check.

Accessories to match? Check.

Chic Grandco jeweled sandals? Check.

It seems like you are well prepared to look beautiful at your beach wedding; it would indeed be as perfect as you always dreamed it to be. But wait! Are your feet prepped for the beach wedding?

In all the hustle-bustle of preparing for your big day, prepping your feet might not have crossed your mind. You don’t want cracked heels, dry skin, and chipped nail polish on your big day, do you? You don’t have to book another appointment at the salon to prep your feet; you can get your feet super soft and beach-ready right at home with this simple routine.

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Removing Stains from Nails

Start by removing the chipped nail polish on your nails using a nail polish remover. Now, it is time to remove those yellowish stains from your nails. Take whitening toothpaste and a nail brush or an old toothbrush. Apply a little amount of the toothpaste on the brush and apply to all the nails. Gently scrub your nails for a few minutes and wipe the paste away with a towel.

The whitening agents in the toothpaste can eliminate the stains and from your nails, which are usually left behind by darker shades of nail polishes. In case you don’t have whitening toothpaste, you can make it at home by mixing together lemon juice, peroxide, and baking soda.

How to make your feet super soft

Next, soak your feet in warm water. You can add in Epsom salts, a drop or two of essential oil, and even a few drops of shampoo or shower gel in warm water. Let your feet soak for at least 10 minutes. This will help in softening up the skin and make it easier to remove the dead skin.

Apply a feet scrub and gently massage your feet in circular motions. Use a pumice stone or an exfoliating brush to get rid of the dead skin from your skin.

Next, work on your nails. Clean the inside of the nails using a nail file but be gentle. Clip the nails in shape and use the nail file to even them out. Push back the cuticles and apply cuticle oil to your nails.

What to put on your feet to make them soft

Now, it is time to moisturize. Use a foot cream to massage your feet till it absorbs in the skin; even better still, add some Vicks vapor rub on your feet, which helps with cracked heels and make the skin baby soft. If you are prepping your feet the night before the wedding, you can apply coconut oil or olive oil on your feet and put on socks overnight. These oils are excellent moisturizers for the skin, and the socks can help in locking in the moisture. 

Next morning, wash your feet and again apply some lotion or cream to keep your skin hydrated.

Wedding Day Tips - The Accessory Barn

Get your feet to look super soft

You now have softer and beautiful looking feet! Make them even more perfect; apply your favorite shade of nail polish. Remember to apply a base coat first. This helps in preventing staining and helps in the smooth application of the nail color. Now apply the shade you picked and once it is dry, give it another coat. Lastly, lock it up with clear nail varnish to give it a professional look. 

Your feet are ready for your beach wedding. Wear your jeweled sandals and flaunt them off. You would indeed look ravishing from head to toe and will, of course, be comfortable throughout the event walking around in those stunning Grandco Sandals. 

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