The Accessory Barn Tips - Cut Down On Suitcase Weight

We've all been there - standing at the front of the baggage queue when the airport staff proceeds to tell you that your luggage is overweight. They now want to either empty some of the contents or pay a hefty excess baggage fee. 

By now, the people in the line are now moaning and groaning, and to be honest, you want the ground to open up and eat you!

We know how difficult it is to decide what jeweled sandals will match with daytime and evening outfits.

  1. It might seem silly but take what you need! - 15 tees for a seven-day trip is probably a few too many, so work out what you'll need for the length of your vacation.
  2. Wear your bulky or heavier items - such as sweaters, jeans, or denim jackets. Not only will you save on the suitcase weight, but you'll be prepared if you get chilly with the plane air-con! On some flights I have been on, I have felt like I was sitting in the Arctic.
  3. Will you use it, or might you use it? Go through all your items, and if it's a 'might use' situation, ditch it! 
  4. Buy heavy items during your trip - More likely than not, the destination you're heading to will have shops nearby! So forget shampoo and conditioner wait until you land to buy these essentials. Think about purchasing mini bottles of toiletries, so there are no leftovers to take back home.
  5. Don't forget to pack your Grandco Sandals. They will take you from the beach to the evening!

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