How to Clean and Maintain White Sandals

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining our clothes, we are always extra careful to check all tags, washing them at the right temperature, ironing it properly, storing them safely, and so on. However, one thing most of us forget is to show the same care to our sandals. Those just get straight chucked into their box! 

However, many people don't realize is that our sandals require much the same care and attention. Moreover, when you spend a little time taking care of your sandals, they can stay comfortable and usable for a much longer time. 

So, do your feet a favor and keep reading to learn how to clean and maintain your sandals. 

Keeping White Sandals Clean

Especially if you regularly wear them, your Grandco Sandals can quickly accumulate a lot of dirt and grime on the soles and around the other parts. This not only makes them appear old and dirty, but it can also affect their durability. 

Therefore, if you don't want to throw out your sandals every few months, make sure you regularly clean your sandals. Here's how you can do it. 

Determine the Sandal Material

Before you actually get to cleaning the sandals, you have to determine their material first. Rubber sandals require a different way of cleaning as compared to suede or leather sandals entirely. Using the wrong method on the wrong type of sandal can actually cause more harm than good. Therefore, make sure you know what you're dealing with first. 

How to Clean White Sandals

Coming on to the actual cleaning part, there are two steps you need to follow.

Cleaning the Dirt and Grime

First, you need to do an initial cleaning of your sandal to get rid of any big dirt spots or any mud sitting on the sandals' soles or straps. You can use a soft brush or even any old toothbrush to gently brush off the mud and dirt from all surfaces of the shoe. 

If you have beaded or jeweled sandals and need to clean between the individual beads, you can use a small soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt and grime. 

Deep Cleaning the Sandals

Once you've cleared away the dirt, you might think your white sandals are all brand-new again. However, the truth is that there still might be germs and bacteria on it. Every time you sweat, the sandals absorb the sweat, and this allows bacteria to start growing. That's why it is important to do a deep cleaning of your sandals every month or so if you wear them daily to keep your sandals clean and healthy for your feet. For this step, particularly, you need to focus on the type of sandal you have. 

For plain rubber flip-flops, you can toss them in the washer with a little bit of detergent and vinegar, and it should take care of any dirt or bacteria. 

For sandals made of canvas, you can use the classic baking soda and water mixture to clean the sandals gently. Once you're done cleaning with this paste, use a damp cloth to eliminate any residue. Then, allow the sandals to dry in a cool shaded place. 

For suede sandals, you can get special suede soaps and use those to clean the sandals. Otherwise, you can also use some rubbing alcohol. Soak some cotton with the alcohol and rub it on the sandal to clean any leftover dirt and kill any germs. Let the sandals dry before using them. 

Moreover, if you have leather sandals, use a very gentle soap mixed in some water and use a soft cloth to wipe the sandal surface. Once it's all clean and dry, make sure to finish by applying a leather conditioner to keep the leather from cracking or getting damaged.

Maintaining Your Sandals and Flip-Flops

Maintaining your sandals is all about preventative care. You have to make sure the sandals don't sustain any damage in the first place. For instance, water can be deadly for suede sandals. Therefore, you should avoid wearing them where they might be exposed to water.

Additionally, you should apply some water protectors on the sandals to further ensure water damage. Similarly, as mentioned, leather has to be conditioned regularly to maintain its texture and color. You can check if your leather needs conditioning by placing a drop of water on it. If the water stays on the surface of the sandal without getting absorbed, it's good to go. 

Besides that, you also have to give your sandals plenty of time to dry. Avoid wearing them every day as the constant sweat and moisture can damage the soles, shortening the sandals' lifespan. Similarly, don't place them in a closed box as soon as you take them off. Leave them out on the porch or somewhere airy to completely dry first, and then you can put them away. 

If you are particularly concerned about odors, sometimes adding a drop of essential oils on the soles can help with the problem. Most importantly, always follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to clean and maintain your sandals. They know the sandals best and, therefore, can provide you the most accurate instructions on cleaning your sandals and maintaining their beautiful appearance. 

Whoever thought comfort, style, and durability couldn't come with one pair of sandals has never been to The Accessory Barn. We stock a wide selection of comfortable and stylish beaded and jeweled sandals that you will want to flaunt all day long. 

Moreover, now that you know how to clean and maintain your sandals, each pair should last you a long time without any trouble. 

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  • Gisele Beaton

    I love my Grandco sandals. I have sixteen (16) pairs and I wear them all. I even wear them to Church. I bought them
    at a shop here in St.Thomas Ontario, and I bought them over many years. They all still look like they are brand new.
    Thanks, Gisele Beaton.

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