How to Choose Correct Sandals for Walking

With the summer season nearly in full swing, you can start to pack away your stuffy boots and take out your beaded sandals and comfy slides to walk around town. There’s nothing quite like walking around in your favorite white sandals. 

Whether you are alone or with someone, walking about can help you breathe in some fresh air, do some sightseeing or window shopping, or pass the time, thereby helping improve your mood. However, all this depends on your sandals because wearing the wrong sandals for walking can quickly turn it into a nightmare.

So, keep reading to learn how to choose a suitable pair of sandals for walking to keep your feet safe.

Why Choose the Correct Sandals for Walking

A lot of people only pay attention to their footwear when any extensive exercise is involved or when they are choosing heels for an important event. However, it is just as crucial to find the proper footwear when you are selecting a pair of beaded sandals for everyday use. 

Your feet are literally supporting your whole body. They carry your entire body weight and sometimes even more than that. As a result, they are constantly exposed to a lot of pressure. If not appropriately supported, your feet can develop a lot of problems in the short term as well as the long term. 

In the short term, you might face a little pain in the heels or some blisters. However, over time, you can develop severe problems like plantar fasciitis and joint issues. With the correct footwear that supports your feet and provides ample comfort, you can make sure your feet remain healthy and safe for a long time. 

How to Choose Sandals for Walking

When it comes to choosing suitable sandals, most people look at the design and the size. Sure, the design and style of the sandal are essential because they can represent your individuality. Similarly, the size is also crucial, but there are other factors to consider as well. Here’s how you can choose the most suitable sandals for walking.

Size of Sandals

As mentioned earlier, size is essential when choosing a sandal, and yet, this is one of the areas people tend to make the most mistakes. If they can’t find the perfectly fitting pair, people tend to go a size over or under, thinking it wouldn’t make that much of a difference. 

However, if your toes or heels are spilling over the sides of the sandal, it can be pretty uncomfortable and cause pain in the feet. Similarly, the sandal shouldn’t be too big, either with excess space around your toes or the sandal coming off your feet constantly. 

This can again be quite annoying and, more importantly, cause pain and blisters. Therefore, you should always make sure to get the right size for your feet. A lot of people don’t know this, but our feet can also change sizes during the day. 

In the morning or whenever you wake up, your feet tend to be smaller after all the resting. When you walk around or stand on your feet all day, your feet tend to expand slightly. That’s why people who buy sandals in the morning sometimes find them to be a little tight later on. 

So, when you are buying beaded sandals, it’s a good idea to buy them towards the end of the day. Besides that, due to age and other factors, your foot size can change. So, just because a size 7 fits you now does not ensure that you will forever be wearing size seven pair of sandals. Get your feet measured regularly to ensure you get the right size. 

What Material are the Sandals

Another factor people tend to ignore is the material of the sandal. The material of the sandal not only determines its durability and life but also impacts its breathability, and therefore, comfort. Sandals made with materials like leather and fabric are great as they feel comfortable and let your feet breathe as well. 

This is vital because as you’re walking, the constant movements can cause your feet to sweat. With any breathing room or ventilation, the sweat and moisture can grow on your sandals, presenting a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This is also why it is so crucial to let your sandals dry after every use and not wear them consecutively too often. 

Sandal Support

The proper support is crucial for walking. Without the appropriate support with the sandals, your whole foot can suffer, from the toes to the arch to the heels. Some rubber flip-flops can seem like a good option, but the truth is that footwear like these offers almost no support for your feet while walking. 

What you need are some excellent straps over the middle of the foot or around the ankle to provide complete support to your entire feet when you walk. Such sandals won’t add stress to your feet and help you to walk in a much more comfortable manner for more extended periods. 

Grandco Sandals Denim

Walking is such a leisurely activity that you barely even think about it. You slide on those beaded sandals, grab your purse and head out. However, one day of going around with an aching heel should be enough to remind you not to take it so lightly. 

Investing a little time and effort into finding the perfect beaded sandals for walking can help you benefit from healthy feet and comfortable walks for a long time. 

And the best place to start is from The Accessory Barn. We have a wide range of beaded and jeweled sandals that will look not only great on your feet but also feel great on your feet. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs and pick the sandal that best fits your needs. 

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