How to Choose Comfortable Sandals for Mature Women

You look around and see girls and women strutting around in high heels, which are visibly painful but oh-so-beautiful. You miss the days you would walk around with confidence in such footwear. Now, as you've grown older, you must prefer comfort over fashion.

Or could it be that both comfort and fashion could be combined? We are here to suggest ways how you can do that and to challenge the notion that comfortable footwear is boring. Instead, it could oomph up your look to the right quotient without you having blisters on your feet or backaches. 

Learn how to choose fashionable jeweled sandals and shoes that are comfortable sandals for older women.

Don't Follow the Trends

Fashion trends are changing at such a fast pace that you won't be able to keep up. So why bother? Instead, take a moment and think what's your style. Do you like peep-toes or wedges? Are the newly-trending clear heels not your style? Then forget those and assess what you like. 

Once you have figured out what footwear style you gravitate towards, searching for the perfect, most comfortable pair of footwear gets easier.

As you grow older, you need to realize that not every trend is worthy enough to follow. It's better to recognize your style and get good quality footwear that you can pair with your looks repeatedly.

Footwear Should Depend on What the Event is

While heels are sure to hurt your feet if you wear them for an extended period of time, some occasions call for a pair of elegant heels. 

For instance, if you're going to a formal dinner or an intimate wedding, simple flats will not be appropriate and will bring down your look. However, the heels don't have to be stilettos or cone heels. Instead, you can choose comfortable wedges or a smaller heel as they will go with your look and won't make your feet hurt.

If you're invited to a gathering where flats would be considered too simple, choose a nice pair of kitten heels or court shoes or even comfortable jeweled sandals. Not only will they add some spark to your look, but you'll be comfortable while looking super chic.

Always Carry a Comfortable Pair of Shoes

You went to your friend's place and wore these cute kitten heels, but you didn't know you would have to make a stop at the mall later. What do you do now? 

Wearing heels for a long time is not good for anybody. It's especially bad for your feet and back as you grow older. So, to save your back and feet from these unforeseen circumstances, we advise you to keep a comfortable pair of shoes in your car at all times.

A pair of slip-on or jeweled sandals are great, but even a pair of flip-flops will do the job.

Some Shoes Don't Require Breaking In

As you grow older, you naturally start preferring comfort, convenience, and longevity in everything. Footwear is no different. Before, you would buy a pair of shoes only because they would look gorgeous, but they would require you to break them in. Meanwhile, they would leave you with blisters and bleeding feet. Now, you don't have the patience or desire for that. 

It's a good thing that most styles of footwear that are designed to cater to comfort don't even require you to break them in. Be it a pair of flats or slip-on, jeweled sandals or wedges, they wouldn't hurt your feet from the first wear.

Consider the Season While Choosing Your Footwear

Just like you consider the weather when choosing what to wear, you must do the same when choosing your footwear.

Hot weather calls for comfortable sandals, flip-flops, and T-straps. During summers, you can easily add some color to your outfit by wearing bright sandals or a great pair of white sandals. Don't shy away from adding some prints, especially florals.

However, bright colors and big prints get a little risky during colder months. Your safest bets are to pair your looks with footwear of neutral and warmer tones. So, please take out your beige, browns, and blacks and pair them with your long coats. 

Also, while it may be tempting to get your old laced booties out, know better and stay away from heels. Especially if it snows where you live, choose safety over appearance, and stick with insulated boots. Uggs are back in fashion, so you may want to invest in a good pair.

Choose Wisely

You've to think that now that you've gotten older, would you be okay wearing something slightly uncomfortable and pain-inducing? If you are, well and good. This means that you can adopt the trial and error method. When you like a pair, you can get it. Even if it's not the most comfortable, you could still wear them occasionally.

However, if you know that comfort comes first and you will not compromise on that, it's best that you do some prior research on which pair of sandals to get. 

It's a digitized world, which has made it extremely easy to find any and every piece of information. Look up on Google for brands that make comfortable sandals, such as The Accessory Barn. You can go on their website and check reviews and ratings of the pair of footwear you like: the more reviews and the higher the rating, the greater the chance that you will like them.

Grandco Sandals Enchanted

Just like you've made some changes to your wardrobe as you've grown older, your footwear requirements must have changed as well. However, do away with the misconception that comfortable footwear cannot look stylish. The perfect pair of jeweled sandals can not only up the fashion quotient of your look but can do so without compromising on comfort.

Now that you have gotten some ideas on combining comfort with fashion, you must be thinking about where to start looking. The Accessory Barn is the perfect place for you. Head over to the website and surf through countless chic yet comfortable sandals for older women.

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