How to Pick Your Dream Wedding Shoe!

As a bride-to-be, of course, your first priority is to get a perfectly tailored dress. Whether you're trying out a vintage style like a ball gown, a contemporary short wedding dress that shows off the crystals that sit higher up on your feet, or a royal Empire line gown with a long trail, a wedding dress must always fit perfectly.

It's that one day when all eyes are on you, hence wanting to look the most ethereal is quite natural. Once you have that special dress laid out in front of you, the next most important step is to look for the right wedding shoes. Now, this can be a bit of a challenge. Brides usually prefer high pearl sandals or fancy heels to look tall and slender when they walk down the aisle. 

Even when it looks attractive, it can be awfully discomforting. You don't always have to forego comfort to look good. Here we give you the tips to choose wedding shoes that won't just look good but will be equally convenient to wear for an entire day. 

How to purchase the right size shoe

Don't try to squeeze in your foot. Get the right size. Before you purchase, try taking long strides in them. If they pinch or restrict your foot movement, ditch them. They shouldn't press too much on the heels either. The right size for your foot, like these jeweled sandals, will help you walk and greet people easily. 

Decide on heels or flat sandals

Wedge sandals are one of the best options between edgy heels and dull-looking flats. They are secured with straps; they allow a nice, poised walk while keeping your feet enclosed and safe. Most wedges like these have a medium arch-shape and soft soles to keep you going for the whole day. 

Add a pop of color

If everything you wear is in shades of white, you may want shoes that are white too. However, if you're wearing a short, satin wedding dress, then pairing it up with vibrant beaded and jeweled sandals can really improve the overbearing white wedding look. Don't be afraid of colors. 

Always pick comfort first

Yes, you have to look your very best on this special occasion. But if you sincerely want to put your best foot forward, you need shoes that are just as comfortable. These jeweled wedges combine ergonomic comfort and style to help you gracefully move in the crowd. 

Purchase an extra pair

Wedding days are usually anxiety-stricken and quite frantic, so there are plenty of chances you may lose or misplace your things. Just to be on the safe side, always keep an extra pair of jeweled sandals. 

Wear them in before the big day

This is a tip to keep for every time you buy a new pair of shoes. Wear them a few times to fit in comfortably. If you take out your shoes on the wedding day, you may have red, itchy, and sore feet at the end of the day. 

Gear up for the spotlight, and make sure to follow these shoe tips to make your big day the most memorable! Don't leave home without a pair of Grandcos on your wedding day regardless of if you are planning a big church wedding or a far away intimate destination wedding. You will need shoes that will keep your toes looking cute and your feet feeling happy. These shoes fit the bill; they will take you from the walk up the aisle to your last dance of the evening.

Wedding shoes can either make you or break you. For your big day, choose a graceful and comfortable pair of sandals for an elegant walk down the aisle. The great thing about Grandco Sandals is you can keep wearing them long after the wedding is over, unlike many other wedding shoes that get packed up and put in the closet and forgotten.

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  • Rene

    I recently purchased a pair of grand co sandals well I was on my vacation in Florida. because I have a bad back is kinda hard for me to pick sandals that are comfortable. not only are these sandals darling, but they are absolutely so comfortable , I love them. I’m so glad I found your website and I will continue to purchase more sandals in the future. sincerely a very happy customer in Colorado.

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