5 Must-Have Grandco Sandals for YOU

There is no denying the fact that we all love shoes. From peep-toes to jeweled sandals – we want them all. It feels like there are just never enough shoes in the wardrobe. Buying shoes can get pretty expensive, but the good news is that Grandco Sandals offer some of the most beautiful and affordable sandals for women. It's like a dream come true!

5 Styles of Grandco Sandals 


These elegant flip-flops - adorned beaded stones in true Grandco fashion. They are available in two different color shoe bases – black and white. The sandals are in tones of green and blue. They have been created with comfort and style in mind making them perfect for various occasions, including a summer wedding. 

Denim Wedge

Denim is back in fashion! Thanks to Grandco Sandals, you finally have a flip-flop that rocks the denim jeans trend. Denim wedge is an excellent addition to your wardrobe with the navy-blue sole and has denim printed beads on the straps. Denim wedges will look great with jeans and beach dresses. They are perfect for the fall, summer, and spring seasons. They offer comfort, with extra arch support, and style!

Classic 3 Band Slide

One of the most popular slide sandals by Grandco Sandals, this classic 3-band slide is a perfect pair for every occasion. The three-band slides come in black and white colors, are decorated with a range of colorful beads that can go with an outfit of any color. They can add color to a simple outfit giving it a finished look. These slides are great for casual wear, daywear, beachwear, or even an evening outing.

Grandco Sandals Classic Slide

Orion Wedge 

Orion wedge is a dazzling mixture of jeweled stones and beads. It sets a perfect tone for both day and nightwear. Orion comes in a choice of three colors – black, white, and blue. 
If you are looking for a glamorous pair of jeweled sandals with an enhanced comfort levels, then these are a must-have. Pair them with any outfit for summer, spring, and fall!

Enchanted Slide

Enchanted slide comes in brown, white, and blue colors with beautiful jeweled stones in green and blue colors on white and black, with gold coloring on the brown pair. This 2" molded wedge gives you the advantage of height as well as comfort. You can wear them for hours without tiring your feet. These are perfect for evening wear and formal wear. You can even rock it as a bridal sandal.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Grandco Sandals collection to grab these stylish sandals and add them to your shoe collection.

Grandco Sandals Enchanted Slide


Customer Grandco Sandals Review 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great summer sandal. Perfect for the beach! Very durable. The sparkly stones add just the right touch!

 Grandco Sandals Royal V


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