Grandco Sandals - Step Out in Style!

There are lots of new styles of Grandco Sandals with lots of dazzling stones to add charm to your feet. They are all designed with the same molding technique as all other styles, so comfort and long-lasting wear are guaranteed. 

It’s easy to find a pair or two that will match every single outfit in your closet.

Grandco Sandals Stylish & Affordable

Possibly the best thing about Grandco styles (apart from the gems, of course!) is how much they cost. Most pairs are between $25- $35, which I think is an incredible investment bearing in mind how much use you will get out of them. There is a pair to suit everyone. 

We can all be fussy with fashion at the best of times, but there is still so much choice for me on the website, including flats, small heels, wedges, thongs, slides, not to mention the variations in colors and designs. You will could be completely and utterly spoilt for choice!

Denim By Grandco 

A firm favorite around here is the denim pattern and the soft feel on your sole to liven up your soul. The jeweled design will have you happy and joyful, ready to face a grand day with GRANDCO!

The denim blue beading looks fantastically stylish on the beach! Show them with a colorful bikini, and even perhaps with a kaftan pulled on over the top to cover up a little if needed. Now you can stroll next to the water in comfort without compromising on the style and color of my footwear.

Grandco Sandals Denim


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