Grandco Sandals & Scarves - Even for Summer

While most of us associate oversized scarves with winter and can't wait to be done with them, so we can move on to jeweled sandals, and long beach walks for summer. These two fashion must-haves go hand in hand!

Oversized Scarves for Everyday

An oversized scarf or pashmina might not be part of your everyday essential, but can be a life-saver during your travel. There are so many fashionable ways of wearing a scarf to add that oomph to your outfit. And hey, it is a perfect way of disguising spilled coffee, wrinkles on your shirt and also give you an added layer in case of chilly weather.

A scarf is practically weightless and can even double as a pillow or a blanket on the plane. For me, I always use a scarf as a blanket; every time I get on board, those planes feel so cold, and I don't want to sit shivering the whole way! Co-ordinate your beaded sandals and jeweled sandals with a scarf. 

With so many different ways to tie a scarf, you will be able to change up your look each time you take a jeweled sandal step out of the door.

Silk Scarves at The Accessory Barn

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