How to Rock a Pair of Grandco Sandal Wedges

Wedge sandals are lifesavers for those who don't like wearing high heels. Wedges are not only stylish but are also super comfortable to wear. The best thing – they come in different types! From wedge sandals to wedge pumps, you have a wide range to choose from. However, it can get tricky when it comes to determining which outfits to pair those wedges with.

How to Wear Wedge Sandals 

Do wear them with shorts – wearing shorts are the perfect way to show off your amazingly tanned legs. Wedges accentuate your calves, making them ideal to further enhance your legs. Whether you wear jeweled sandals or beaded shoes, they will go great with any outfit.

Do wear them with skinny jeans – pair your wedge sandal with your favorite skinny jeans. You will add the height without making you uncomfortable. If you want to make your outfit dressy, opt for wedges dazzled with jeweled stones and beads - like Grandco style Bamboo.. You will surely make a statement!

Do wear them with boot cut jeans – these look amazing with wedges. This combo will pair well if the bottom of the jeans is covering some of the shoes. Avoid the wearing too long or too short jeans with wedges.

Do wear them with jumpsuits – jumpsuits are fantastic! They are daring and bold and can become the major highlight of the wardrobe if you pair them with the right accessories. Add a bit of drama and glamour by pairing them with your wedges sandals.

Do wear them with your maxi dresses – The usual shoe choice for maxi dresses is high heels, but wedges are a superb replacement for heels. You will get the desired height and will feel completely comfortable walking around in them. Make sure you select a style that goes well with your maxi dress. If it's a casual dress, make it more dressed up with jeweled wedge sandals and if it is a formal dress, pick the wedges that are simpler so that the elegance of your dress isn't diminished.

How Not to Wear Wedge Sandals

Don't wear wedges with pencil skirts – this will make your legs appear shorter and your shoes bulky.

Don't wear them with Capri pants – it is best to pair Capri pants with pumps or high heels.

Don't wear them with pants with straight or narrow legs – you won't be able to highlight your legs and this combo will look awkward.

Now you know the dos and don'ts of wearing those cute jeweled wedges. Try them with these outfits and explore different designs and styles. There is a fantastic range of beautiful wedge sandals available from Grandco Sandals. Head on over and grab those stylish pair of wedges to rock your outfit.

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