Grandco Sandals - How To Keep The White Sandals Clean!

White sandals, we all love them, and they are the definition of summer. Cute summer dresses, days out at the beach, but they can be a headache to keep clean. I have spent hours searching how to clean these jeweled sandals. I get a lot of emails from ladies asking me, 'How to clean white sandals? I have found a great product that works well. 

Depending on how dirty your sandals are will depend on how much elbow grease is needed. I suggest always wiping them over each time you wear them to help cut down on the scrubbing!

How to Clean White Sandals

I tried all sorts of household products without much success. I enlisted my mum's help (the British spelling; since I am originally from the UK) to find a solution. Lucky for me my mum loves helping me out with jobs like these.

Off to the supermarket, we went to check out the cleaning products. Now the white sandals I used, as you can see from my pictures, are pretty dirty. Not to leave my dad out of the investigations, I had asked him to help me in the garden the week before, and yep you guessed it, I had my white sandals on - in a bid to get them as dirty as I could. 

We had settled on a product called Bar Keeper Friend. I have never used this product before. When we got home, we mixed the powder into a paste with water and applied it with a sponge, and scrubbed the sandals (or rather, I watched and took photos while my mum did the scrubbing).

Within a few minutes, we could see the shoes slowly coming back to a bright white. It took quite a bit of elbow grease as they were filthy, but it eventually did the trick.

Do you have any tips for cleaning white sandals? If you do, leave your comments below.


  • Maryann Scannell

    I used bar keeper too but it did not work the way I wanted I will try the paste and see what happens HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

  • Ali

    I absolutely love these sandals. I would buy a new pair every year because I can walk for miles and my feet don’t hurt. Didn’t find them last year so I bought them on line this.

  • Linda

    Bar Keepers friend is a staple at our house! Keeps pots and pans spotless and will is very gentle on most things that can be cleaned with water. So before long the can will be empty and you will need to buy more.

  • Elaine Murdock

    I use Bar Keepers Friend all the time, especially on my white beaded sandals. Never had that much success.

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