Street Fashion with Jeweled Sandals

Street fashion is one of the most creative crossovers between iconic formalwear and baggy, oversized casuals. There are no hard and fast rules, so you can fearlessly experiment with patterns, shapes, and sizes. 

Whether you're obsessed with black, fancy all-things denim, or are into oversized coats and boots, your street-style apparel is a personal fashion statement. You don't always have to follow popular trends, but why not make your own with Grandco Sandals

Street style became famous in the 80s and 90s. Suddenly people ditched tailor-fit dresses for ripped jeans, casual shoes, and sandals. Now a significant apparel industry bolstered by favorite fashion idols, street-style fashion is witnessing its best years.

It seems like wedge heels, and jeweled flip-flops are making their way back onto the ramp. 

Here, we've rounded up some stylish ideas to inspire your streetwear, and never leave home without your jeweled sandals. 

Black Wedges Sandals

Polka dot dresses in pinks and peaches look pale and natural; hence you can pair them with bold jeweled wedges. If the weather isn't helping you decide what to wear, always choose a polka dot dress for transitional dressing. 

If it gets a little windy, you can always throw on a leather jacket, and the black Grandco Sandals underneath will do wonders for a unique street style. 

Denim Sandals for Everyday 

Who doesn't love denim? It has been the epitome of street fashion since the 90s. If you're in the mood to wear denim top to bottom, what about changing it up and not going for matching or co-ordinate clothes but wearing different shades of denim? 

Bubblegum jeans with an oversized denim jacket paired with sleek denim Grandco's – now that's an eye-catching look! 

Coats and Culottes 

A powdered felt coat over a baggy pair of culottes is a trendy street style. Felt coats are great investments for not just winters but fall and spring as well. 

You can always wear light t-shirts or crop tops under the coat when the weather feels warm. Why not put on some cute sandals like these to stand out? Pair your jacket with a grey sweatshirt and khaki or camel culottes for a weekend street style on colder days. 

Voluminous Shirts 

Loose, oversized shirts have been a favorite in street fashion. If you're aiming for a rough look, leave your shirt half tucked with swinging cuffs over ruffled trousers or simple pants. If you want to go for a daring look, pair your oversized shirt with dark velvet pants and these high wedge heels for that extra bling. 

Now that you've gone through an essential guide, it's time to open your closet and prepare for fierce mixing and matching. Go wild with your street fashion, and don't forget to step out in your stylish Grandco Sandals. And no worries if you get a little something on them. These gorgeous jeweled sandals will wipe clean quickly. Just check out our posts on How to Clean White Sandals

Shoe Fashion Fact

Over a lifetime, American women will own at least 271 pairs of shoes.


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