Grandco Sandals Chronicles - Sandal Girl in Paphos, Cyprus!

I'm back from Cyprus, and I have to say that Paphos is a beautiful city full of things to do. I tried to do as much as I could while still being able to relax and rest.

I love to read, so I read a couple of books. I love a psychological thriller one of the books I read was by B.A Paris - Behind Closed Doors which was a great read made even better while I sunbathed next to the pool. Temperatures reached around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so it took a few days to get used to the heat compared to UK weather! Armed with sun cream, sunglasses, books and my Grandco Sandals, I was prepared for it!
Grandco Sandals - Jeweled Sandals for Women

We took a day or two exploring the coastline and seeking out the best beach, which was Coral Bay. It offered crystal clear waters, exciting watersports, and plenty of loungers with umbrellas for shade. I set up camp here for the day, being able to dip in and out of the sea whenever I wanted. Brilliant!

I we took some time to seek out some interesting places! I saw a shipwreck, swam into sea caves, and found what the local archeological park had to offer - it was a world heritage site that had plenty of historical ruins dating back to the 4th Century BC! I also discovered a beautiful site called Aphrodite's Rock, which was based on a small bay just 20km down the road from Paphos, which I loved to explore. 

Grandco Sandal at a Sandy Beach
As it was the height of summer in Paphos when I visited, the heat was unbearable on the hotter days. I combated this by swimming in our pool a few times every day, which increased my fitness level and made me a stronger swimmer. On one of the hotter days, I also visited Paphos Waterpark, which was heaps of fun and cooled us down! I felt fabulous walking around in my Grandco Sandals between going on slides.

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