Grandco Sandals - Day Trips with Grandco

I was in England recently; they were experiencing a bit of a heatwave. Lucky for me, I had traveled in a pair of my Grandcos - I wasn't expecting to have much chance of wearing them in London, but here I was wandering around in them, taking in some of the sights of London with my family.

I had painted my toenails a turquoise color before I left, and I knew that whatever color I picked, it would go with my sandals. The gray maxi dress that has a comfy lounge feel but also keeps me cool. The jeweled sandals completely complimented my outfit, as the jewels gave me a touch of style with a pop of color.

I love these wedge sandals. They only have about a 2" heel, but it gave me a little height that I needed, as my dress is a little too long for me. 

I had to walk around to do while sight-seeing and going to family and friends, but my sandals made this an easy task. My feet sometimes hurt after walking for a little while, so I was surprised when I was still comfy in the sandals after a full day. I didn't want to take them off!

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