Grandco Sandals Chronicles - Pre-Vacation Check List

It’s a matter of days before my holiday to Cyprus, so there’s a mixture of excitement, plane nerves, and packing stress going on in my body right now!

To combat pre-holiday anxiety, I will be taking you through some of my preparations. With some tips on how to beat stress along the way! 

I’ve already done my major holiday shop, but there’s always something I’ve forgotten! Today I need to make a huge long list of the things I need to take and buy anything I’ve missed! A list can help reduce anxiety as it collates everything in one place - neat and tidy! I am also going to gather everything I’m packing into one place in my house. It makes it easier when I come to pack my bag. But hang on - where’s my passport?!

I leave for the airport in a couple of days. I am checking my itinerary and writing down all the information I will need when I arrive. Luckily I am hiring a car, so it makes traveling around in Paphos a lot simpler! When I have to get public transport in foreign countries, I am sent into a panic - unless I do tons of research beforehand!

I am finishing the last bits of laundry today, ready to get my suitcase packed. I have worked out how to best pack my case and put my Grandco Sandals (which I am very excited to wear in Cyprus!) I am also checking myself on my flight tonight. Hopefully, this will save me time and stress at the airport.

Grandco Sandals

The main bulk of my packing is happening today, as I’ve finally got all my holiday clothes washed (it seemed to take forever!), leaving only tomorrow’s clothes and my hand luggage out. I am excited about going away now, as it is currently raining in the UK! Hopefully, I’ll bring some sun back with me. I am off to bed early tonight to get a good night’s sleep before the 5-hour flight, and I might even do a little meditation to calm myself (after another check to see if my passport is still in my case!)

Finally, the big day has arrived. The last few things I need to add to my case are essentials, like my toothbrush and some other toiletries. I need to leave the house at around 7 am, so I’m glad I did all the preparation beforehand! On the way to the airport, I do ANOTHER passport check. Yes, it’s still there - it hasn’t grown legs and run off!. A few deep breaths and a glance down at my lovely jeweled sandals are enough to encourage me that this holiday will be a great one!

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