Grandco Sandals - 4 Styles to Match with Denim!

Denim is everyone’s favorite. Denim skirts, jackets, jeans, and dresses look super-chic and are the ultimate addition to your summer wardrobe. The best thing about denim is that it looks good on everyone and no matter how you wear it, it’ll always look stylish. Finally, we have the denim sandal styles back!

Trying to look bold and edgy in a short floral dress doesn’t normally work out until you throw on a dark denim jacket with big steel buttons. Now that’s a daring look!

Denim normally looks so full and stylish on its own, you won’t really need extra accessories. However, what you do need to make an effort with is to look for the perfect footwear that compliments it! You can’t go overboard wearing the fanciest pair of shoes over your denim jeans. Neither can you wear casual flip-flops or dirty sneakers. Denim is too iconic for meager shoes choices like that. You need to wear shoes that don’t stand out too much but perfectly balance out the blue denim shades. They can have jewels in them but should still look simple.

An ideal choice for such a tricky fashion dilemma is wedge heels. Wedge heels are the perfect option that look neither too fancy nor do they completely dry out the fashion look. Have a look below for the four top wedge heels to compliment your denim wear!

Denim Wedge Sandals

What’s better than a denim skirt? A denim pair of shoes, for sure! These sandals include slides, wedges, and thong sandals all made from denim. They will look good under dark-colored denim jeans as the shoes are fairly in lighter shade. These wedge heels being our first choice; if you want something more colorful, check out the next option.
Grandco Sandals Denim Wedge

Crescent Wedges

These beautiful wedge heels have crescant jewels on them. They’re so elegantly arched, you can ditch all your heels and wear a pair of these wedge heels over skintight jeans. Wearing them in black with light pink jewels over a denim jumpsuit will look lovely as well.

Link Ring Wedge

With square shaped jewels on its straps and a finely contoured shoe base, these jeweled sandals look unique and classy over any kind of denim. Wearing these Grandco sandals on bubblegum denim skirt with a long, baggy tee is a perfect look for summer.

Grandco Sandals Link Lock Wedge

Celeste Wedge Slides

What isn’t there to love about wedge slides? They’re soft, casual, and have fancy rhinestones on them. These Grandco Sandals are ideal to step up your wedge heel game. They may look ritzy and royal, but their style doesn’t mean they’re uncomfortable. They’re just as easy to wear as your household flip-flops.

So get ready to spend some money on wedge heel shopping that perfectly matches your stylish denim wear.


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