Grandco Sandals - Fashionable Shoes to Update your Closet

When it comes to a formal event, we often opt for wearing heels because they feel like the obvious choice for a dressed-up look. That doesn't make them any more comfortable to walk in, though, and they are often extremely uncomfortable to wear. 

So what are the possible alternatives to heels? There are plenty. You can go for lace-up flats, Grandco Sandals, jeweled sandals, and so many more styles that are equally pretty, flattering, and more comfortable as well. Unlike heels, these shoe styles don't need a learning curve for walking in them either. If you're looking to attend a special event soon, we suggest you consider these six great alternatives to heels that will keep you comfortable and give a unique look to your feet as well!

Lace-Up Flat Shoes

Lace-up Flats are a great option for a formal look. You can incorporate a pair of these with your dress and get a stylish, edgy look. They are also very comfortable to wear and a great alternative to heels. Another lace-up style! A pair of flat espadrilles would make a cute addition to your shoe collection. These are perfect for a slightly formal look at a beach party. You can mix the right amount of casual with style and also keep your feet comfortable for dancing. 

Tasseled Flat Sandals

A pair of tasseled flats can complement your look for a special event as well. They would also look extremely cute when you get on the dance floor!

Grandco Sandals - AB Deluxe

If you're looking for a comfortable yet stylish alternative to heels, a pair of Grandcos' is just what you need. The straps have an array of random sized clear AB coated jeweled stones and silver accent beading. The jewels will reflect a multitude of colors in sunlight while sitting flat on your foot, providing you with a comfortable snug fit. They're stylish and elegant; making these the perfect choice for a formal event.

Grandco AB Deluxe

Wedged Sandals

If you are looking for some extra height but don't want the additional pain of heeled shoes, we suggest you opt for wedges. They are much easier and comfortable to wear, and you don't have to worry about balance either. Plus, they look extremely cute!

Chunky Sandals

If you're looking to go for a '90s vibe, chunky sandals are a perfect choice. You can pair them up with a slip-dress and also add a choker for the perfect look when attending a special event. Gladiator sandals are another hot addition to your shoe collection. They are pretty and chic but not uncomfortable like the high heel. If you're looking for something that will flatter your legs at a formal event, gladiator sandals are a great option. 

Oxfords or Boots

If you're wearing a formal jumpsuit, Oxfords are a great option for formal footwear. The sleek leather-look will add some style to your attire and also help you be comfortable. Another great alternative to heels is a pair of boots. They are a classic choice if you're going for a dressed-down look and are also extremely comfortable and stylish. 



  • katarina pejic

    Not usually a sandal or thong wearer, Since my first purchase That’s generally what I wear, very comfy and stylish, only problem is here in Sydney not many stores sell them and transit from Us is almost the price of sandal.

  • Kay Holland

    Which style of sandal has the highest wedge hèel ? Thank you

  • Julianna Pilic

    Hi I’m interested in purchasing a pair of White AB deluxe sandals 27233E not sure what size I need as I’m a 38 in Australia and also do you have them in stock And how can I order them on line now please let me know asap thanks from Julianna.

  • Liz

    I bought my beautiful sandals in Mystic, CT in July and love them! Very comfortable, like slippers!

  • Gloria Abercrombie

    I love Grandco Sandals, only problem there are very few in my size 5. I first bought them while at Texas gulf coast in 2010. When they wore out, I found them on line and continue to purchase them even if they are a tad large. I’ve bought them for friends as they all love them as well. Wear with anything and so pretty and comfy.

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