Grandco Sandals - 4 Shoe Styles for the Beach

Are you one of those people who like to spend their weekends on the beach, watching the sunset over the skyscrapers? If yes, then you are likely to have a good collection of swimsuits and beach dresses – after all, you want to look stylish (and hot!) even when you are soaking up the sun on the shore. 

But, what about shoes? Do you have stylish shoes to compliment your classy beach outfits? Most probably, no! and with summer is right around the corner, we’ve got a great list of sandals and shoes for women who love the beach. Read on to see which ones you should pack in your beach bag.

The Thong Sandal

Add some bling to your beach dress by completing your look with a jeweled thong sandal. Not only are they slip-resistant, but they also come in various styles to accentuate your outfit of the day. They’re comfortable, stylish, and perfect for the summer sun. Choose from colored stones, beads, marbled or jeweled sandals – they’re perfect for a morning of mimosa drinking with the girls and absolutely stunning for a beach barbeque at night.

The Beach Wedge Sandal

If you love the beach but hate the gritty sand, these shoes are just right for you. Giving you a little bit of heel, non-slipping and comfortable, they come in many wedge sizes to choose from. Choose from thong strapped to fully strapped sandals covered in gorgeous stones and beads which won’t come off while dancing at a beach party. Not only will your dress look absolutely gorgeous paired with these sandals, but your new pedicure will stay safe and pretty, too!

Wearing a pair of wedge sandals with your beach outfit will give you an effortlessly chic look. Wedge sandals elongate your silhouette and are available in a variety of designs, colors, and prints. Choose a wedge sandal that suits your personal style and outfit to pull off a perfect beach look. 

Grandco Sandals Expression - Beaded Sandals for Women

The Lightweight Shoe - Sneakers and Moccasins

If you’re into the outdoors and camping, a cute mini dress paired with sleek sneakers should make you look outdoors and cute. With your feet covered, you’re set to take part in chill volleyball games or run back and forth from the beach bar to get a refill on your margarita.

Pair those comfy moccasins under long dresses and short ones, and see yourself transform into a chill beach girl! Don’t forget to pair them with cute ankle socks and longer ones in the evenings to keep those pesky bugs away!

The Grandco Slides

For the chic girl, we suggest a smooth pair of slides adorned with gorgeous embellishments of pearl, stones, studs, and shells. Not only will these shoes keep you comfy and give your foot grip on the sandy beach, but they will you the added oomph of style. With an edgy metal frame and a comfy sole, your footwear’s going to be the highlight of the night!

Slides and thongs are the most popular choices when it comes to beach footwear (after flip-flops, of course!). Since they are available in a large variety of designs and colors and with beautiful embellishments, you will surely find one that goes with your personality, style, and clothes. 

Slides and thong sandals coordinate with a pair of shorts, a tunic, kimono, or a long summer dress, and they finish off every outfit you are wearing. The next time you feel that you are done with the city scenes and want to spend time on the beach, throw away your stilettos, ditch your old flip-flops and slip on a pair of Grandco Sandals with a beautiful outfit to hit the beach in style!

 Grandco Sandals Customer Reviews 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I received my 3 pairs of sandals sooner than expected. Just love them. I get compliments every day from complete strangers. Would not be comfortable in anything else. Would not be summer without them. Thank you!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I have been wearing Grandco Sandals for more than a decade. I love how comfortable they are and the wide choice of colors compliment my wardrobe. These beautiful slides are sure to be noticed on the beach or in town. Thanks to the Accessory Barn for making these great sandals available!

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