Fashionable Sandals for Wide Feet

Do you have wide feet and think that no fashionable footwear would suit you? You look at women around you, fashionably strutting around in strappy heels, jeweled sandals, and stilettos, and you think how awesome it would be if only you could squeeze your feet into similar styles of footwear? What if we tell you that fashion doesn't have to be painful, and you have numerous options to choose from for your wide feet?

If you think having wide feet is a feat that's unique to you, you're wrong. Not everyone has slender legs and narrow feet, and the footwear brands now realize that. So, good for you that they continue to come up with comfortable yet stylish footwear for you and several others to choose from. 

Continue reading to find out what styles you can choose from if you are looking for jeweled sandals or fashionable sandals for wide feet. Worry not, as the choices are truly endless. Before we begin discussing what styles of footwear you can choose from, here is a word of advice for you: don't follow the trends. As scandalous as that may sound, you will realize how important this advice is sooner or later.

Trends change, sometimes quicker than seasons do, so why bother following them when there is no way you can catch up? Instead, it's better to assess your personal style and invest in classic, good-quality sandals and footwear that reflect your personality. We will now list some of the popular options amongst women with wide feet, and you can see what style you gravitate towards most.

Ballet flats

No surprises here! Ballet flats are the classic style to choose when you want your feet to look slimmer. Feminine yet classy, this is the perfect fashionable footwear for women with wide feet. The best thing is that you can wear them to the mall and casual lunches and style them up when you have to go to a more formal setting. Get a pair of ballet flats in beige or black, and you can surely rock them with most of your looks.

Pointed Toe Flats

Want to step away from the classic ballet flats for a more edgy look? Pointed-toe flats are your best bet! They are chic yet classy, and you can have several options to select. Be it the color or material; you can always be experimental. Many women shy away from pointed shoes thinking that their wide feet may not be able to fit comfortably, but that's not true! Try a few options until you find the right pair for you, and then you'll find out how comfortable they can be.

Leopard Sandals

Animal prints are back in fashion, although not sure they ever went away, so you may want to look for those. These are easy to pair up and give any look. You can wear them around the house or style them up on the weekend. Bring out your wide side when you slide into these sandals and know you look good! Comfy molded wedge heels make them easy to wear all day.

Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on Sneakers are worthy of all the hype they get! They're super comfortable and stylish. If you have wide feet and looking for a footwear option for casual use, choose slip-on sneakers, and you won't regret them. Slip-on sneakers get so much love that they come in a variety of colors and materials. Be it bright colors or light hues, animal and floral prints, or metallic uppers, you have several options just waiting for you.

Slide Sandals 

Slides never go out of fashion, and they go with so many things that you can pair them up with most outfits. Slides practically look good on everyone, but it is easily one of the best options of fashionable sandals for wide feet.

If you aren't interested in covering your feet in a closed-in pair of shoes or sneakers? Go for a great pair of slides. These are definitely a great summer option. You can pair the more casual ones to wear with skirts, pants for during the day and get the jeweled sandals when you want to dress more formally for an evening out. Let's combine style with comfort; what could be better than that?

Suppose you're thinking about where to look for slides that can make your plainest outfit stand out. Check out here all the options, where you can find several stylish slides - your only issue is what pair to pick.

Wedge Sandals

Want to add some height? Going to a wedding or a formal dinner and don't want to wear flats? Choose wedges. Wedges are an excellent option for fashionable sandals for wide feet. Even if you don't have wide feet and looking for something edgy yet comfortable, wedges are your safest bet.

Dress them down with a casual skirt or jeans, or oomph up your dress by wearing these. If you're uncomfortable in high heels yet want to add a few inches to your height, wedges won't disappoint.

Grandco Sandals - Expression


Booties are another classic style that is certain to look good on everyone. You must have a pair (or two or more) of stylish booties that you can flaunt during the winters. With a short heel, booties are easy to pair up with many looks. You can wear them to the office, but also style them up for parties. Good thing that they're uber-chic yet comfortable.

Grandco Jeweled Sandals

While booties are a good option, they're surely not for summers. A style that screams summer and is yet another option of fashionable sandals for wide feet is the thong sandals from Grandco. Thong sandals are so comfortable and stylish that you will wear them all through the summers. 

Grandco has some fantastic sandals options that you can look at. Their jeweled sandals are so eye-catching that you won't be able to pass them.


If you have wide feet, don't think that you're left with boring footwear options. There are various jeweled sandals, chic slip-ons, classic booties, and several other styles that you can choose. It's only a matter of time and a bit of experimenting, and you'll be able to find several fashionable sandals for wide feet.

If you're wondering where to start looking, look no further. The Accessory Barn is the perfect place for you. Head over to the website to surf through countless fashionable sandals for wide feet.

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