7 Stylish Beachwear Essentials

Are you planning to take a trip to the beach, a day out when the weather cheers up since not all of us are lucky enough to live in a sunny location year-round. After all that wind and cold, a little time in the sun is necessary. Add the sand and the sea, and you might as well be in paradise. Beaches are the perfect escape, and planning for one can be equally fun. Besides making arrangements of where you’re going to say, you also need to decide what to wear. So to make things easier for you, we’ve pulled up several beachwear essentials that can help you make a strong style statement: 

Swimsuits Are a Must

It’s a beach vacation, so swimsuits are a given. If you’re shopping for a one-piece swimsuit, pick one that makes your legs look longer and also flatters your waistline. You can also opt for a two-piece bikini swimsuit that lets you soak up the sun. Make sure that the bottoms match with your bikini top. 

Beach Cover-Ups

As far as beachwear essentials are concerned, cover-ups are a must-have. They give you a feminine edge and also help you feel more comfortable if you don’t feel like showing too much skin in an unfamiliar place.

When shopping for cover-ups, pick out one that’s made of lightweight cotton to wear. You can choose between wraps, pull-over-your-bikini kaftans, and tunics. You can also shop for beach sweaters. 

Grandcos Sandals - Seashell

Summer Dresses

A beach vacation doesn’t have to be about lounging on the beach only. If you’re also planning on visiting a restaurant or two for a fancy dinner, make sure you pack some formal clothing too. You can pick out a statement jumpsuit or a cocktail dress for this. 

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a must for a beach vacation. You can wear them during the day and also in the evening as long you pair them up with a tee and a pair of jeweled sandals.  

Grandco Sandals - Denim

Sun Hat 

While you’re packing for beachwear essentials, why not add a sun hat as well? It can complement your beach attire and is excellent in protecting your face from over-exposure to the sun. Besides being useful, it also adds a touch of glamour to your look. 

Wedge Sandals 

It’s essential that you also shop for the right sandals for your outfit. A pair of wedge sandals can make your feet look pretty and can also give you a little height without losing balance. Their bright colors will perfectly capture your vacay mood and will keep your feet comfortable. If you’re looking to attend a fancy dinner or visit a high-end bar during your stay, you can also opt for jeweled sandals for a more formal look. 


Pick out some funky jewelry that matches your vacay mood and also suits the culture of the place you’re visiting. It’s always fun to try something new, and if you don’t want to be adventurous, then some unique jewelry is still a safe way of experimenting without risking a disastrous fashion choice. 

Are you already excited about your vacation? We don’t blame you. Just keep our tips for beachwear essentials in mind, and you’ll be good to go. If you’re looking for an excellent place to buy shoes for your vacation, take a look at the collection of jeweled sandals and wedges available at The Accessory Barn. We’re confident you’ll find something you like. 

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