6 Tips on How to Store Your Sandals

The number of shoes and sandals you own keeps increasing depending on the occasion you must attend, the footwear's material, time of the year, time of the day, and so many other factors. While we are all for "the more, the merrier," the problem arises when you have to store your dozens of footwear. 

If you are struggling with the same problem and need tips on how to store your sandals, you have come to the right place.

Continue reading to learn tips on how to store your sandals the right way.

Why You Need Long-Term Storage for Sandals

Let's be honest. We all have seen people who have piles of shoes dumped in the corner of their closet, and we wonder how they ever find stuff in these mounds. Other than the fact that this storage system (or lack of) is impractical and unfeasible, it also damages your white jeweled sandals and shoes.

You can imagine what would happen to your sandals and shoes are loaded with the weight of other shoes. They lose shape.

Moreover, being constantly in a humid condition would damage them. For example, you might have witnessed that some soles detach from the shoes without much wear because they lose their stickiness due to constant humidity. 

Similarly, jeweled sandals may lose their beads and jewels, and leather shoes may shred their leather because of the moisture. You need practical, feasible, long-term storage to keep your shoes looking brand-new and to get the most wear out of them.

Now, on to the tips on how to store your sandals and shoes.

Start with Your Everyday Shoes

There is usually a pair of sandals or shoes that are your go-to. Going out to run some errands, these are your shoes. Going out to drop off kids at school, you slip these on your feet. Going to the mall, you don't think and put these on. Of course, we all have a pair or two of such shoes that we put on while going out to do mundane activities.

Start by making a permanent place to store these. Since you wear them every day, it would be impractical to keep them in your closet or put them in a box. So, find a place near your main entrance. Get an absorbent mat and place it near it, so you can keep your shoes here when you enter the house. 

If you are looking for shoe storage ideas for a bigger family, you can get a bigger absorbent mat. You can also get a bench and place the mad under it. This way, it's easier to take off and put on your shoes, and you can store the shoes right there.

Keep Your Frequently Worn Shoes Nearby

If you are looking for tips on how to store your sandals for only yourself, this might be easy for you. Look for a place near the entrance door where you can place a small cubby or shoes rack that can store all your shoes and sandals that your seat frequently. Ensure that this place has good air passage so that your shoes remain dry and smelling fresh.

However, if you have a bigger family, then you might have a problem. If you have ample space near your entrance where you can place a bigger shoe cupboard, then that's great. If not, you would have to be creative with what you have.

You can either place a long vertical cupboard in the space you have or get a multifunctional bench with storage underneath. You can also look at creative DIY ideas for shoe storage and see if something seems doable and suitable for your space.

Make 'Over-the-Door Caddy Your Friend

If you have kids and adults in your house, the over-the-door caddy will help assort all the dozens of shoes you have laying around the house.

It seems like children have more shoes than you do. Teenagers, especially, have too many shoes and sandals. If their closets are filled with too many clothes, store their shoes in caddies so that they don't clutter up.

Cardboard Shoebox: The Best for Long-Term Storage

There is no substitute for the cardboard shoebox that the shoes initially come in. It makes sense why you would not want to hold on to all the boxes as they take too much space. 

However, some types of footwear should remain stored in these types of shoe boxes. These include your expensive sandals and heels. Jeweled sandals and stilettos are so dainty that they require the protection that solid boxes provide.

A problem with storing shoes in cardboard shoeboxes is that you tend to forget which box carried which pair of shoes. After all, out of sight, out of mind. You should write the color and style of the shoes on the box with a big black marker so that you can tell all the options you have stored. 

Use Acid-Free Tissue to Stuff Your Shoes and Sandals

This may seem like an extra step, but this is one of the most-needed tips on how to store your sandals and shoes. You should stuff acid-free tissue paper in your sneakers, boots, strappy and jeweled sandals so that they maintain their shape and don't begin to look worn out.

Moreover, acid-free tissue is also helpful because it absorbs moisture in your shoes and keeps your shoes from deteriorating.

Add Silica Packets to Your Shoes

Have you noticed the silica packets that are in the shoeboxes of your new shoes? They are there for a reason. Silica absorbs any dampness that may be in the shoes or the box and keeps your shoes free from damage. 

You must also add packets of silica gel in the boxes that store your expensive boots, heels, and jeweled sandals.

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Finding practical and feasible storage solutions for your shoes is a must. We hope that the above tips on how to store your sandals and shoes will help you. You can look search online to find space-efficient storage options or other creative DIY storage ideas. 

When you have that sorted, you can look at the new variety of jeweled sandals and comfortable slides now available on The Accessory Barn. You can never have too many sandals.

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