6 Tips for a Successful Flying Experience

For some of us, a plane ride can be fearful, and airport queues can be stressful. Once you have finally made it through security, you are hit with the expensive food and drink. A stressful flight can leave you tired, which no one wants to be once they are finally at the hotel. I have some travel tips that hopefully help you get to the destination with a little less stress.

Bag for the flight

Organize your bag before you leave home. I always suggest keeping all the travel documents in a separate zipped pocket, so there is no risk of not finding them when you need them. The other essentials I like to have in my bag are some face cleansing wipes and lip balm. I always get dry lips when traveling, and of course, some tissues. This makes the journey so much easier when you have them at hand. You can feel refreshed when you step off your flight.

Best place to sit on a plane

Suppose you aren't lucky enough to find yourself in a business class seat where you can stretch out. Try booking seats nearer the plane windows which, are the cooler places to sit - as the air outside of the plane is a lot colder. Also, this will prevent you from being disturbed when your neighbor needs the bathroom.

Pack some snacks

I tend to take my own snacks on shorter flights - this stops me from having to race through the airport hunting down food, which is always more expensive. Of late, I have started bringing an empty bottle so I can ask for a refill on the aircraft. That way, should there be turbulence, I don't have to worry about my cup of water spilling over.

Best time to Fly

We all want to avoid lengthy delays and hours of queuing - so when is the best time to travel? Morning flights are less likely to be delayed, and they can have less turbulence when up in the air.

Sleeping on a Plane

During a long flight, getting some sleep will refresh you and prepare you for your travels. A neck cushion is great to help you feel relaxed while flying. Comfortable clothes that don't wrinkle are a must, and as we all know, your feet do tend to swell when flying; you will want to wear the comfy pair of Grandco Sandals - but I always have a pair of socks on hand just in case your feet get cold. 

Charging Essentials 

My family always laughs at me as I have chargers and spare chargers just in case one should fail. You always want to have your phone, Ipad laptop, etc. fully charged before you go. No one wants to get to the plane, and you are on a low battery. Download any programs or films you may want to watch before you leave.

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