6 Reasons Why We Love Denim

When it comes to looking fabulous somedays, it seems like an impossible feat. After dragging item after item out of the closet, we always end up back in our trusted denim jeans. Why is it that denim is such a popular choice?

If you ask a girl what kind of pants they prefer, more than 90 percent of them would tell you that it's denim. It might not be the frontrunner in comfort since sweatpants and legging still exist, but the reason that denim is so unique is that it's one item of clothing that you can always count on. You can create so many different looks with just that one pair, and it's hard to think of anything that trumps denim when it comes to pants.

Why we love denim

There was a time when denim was limited to the boot cut or wide-leg style. Now, you'll find an explosive amount of variety in denim with several attractive styles that suit different occasions. There are bell bottoms, skinny, high waist, and boyfriend jeans. Choices are everything in fashion, and denim gives you precisely that – plenty of styles to enjoy.

While it's imperative, doing laundry doesn't exactly make it to the top ten ways you'd like to spend your weekend. Denim is a savior in that regard. They are one of the few items of clothing that you do not need to wash after you wear them. In fact, with denim, the story is the opposite – too much washing will ruin them.

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Another important reason why girls love denim is how good they look. You can easily wear a dark, sleek pair at your workplace without coming off as too informal. Pair them with some statement accessories and a pair of denim wedge sandals, and you are all set for a casual Friday at your workplace.

Denim may vary in prices, but even if you pay a little more, one thing is sure – it's worth the investment. After all, paying $100 for a new pair of jeans is wiser than spending the same for dress pants that you'll probably only wear once at work, right? Given the durability and amount of use, investing in a pair of denim jeans is worth every cent.

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Imagine spilling yogurt on a black dress – what a nightmare. But if the same happens to your jeans, then the situation is not that bad. When it comes to denim, stains are much easier to hide and get rid of. Well, unless you are wearing white jeans— then you're not so lucky.

The denim cloth consists of a strong cotton twill textile, which is also what makes it so durable. Unlike other items of clothing, it will take a significant amount of time before your jeans start to show tearing or any other signs of falling apart.

Denim is indisputably one of the superior choices in pants. If you're opting to wear your favorite pair this weekend, be sure you complement it with the right footwear like Grandco Sandals. Not sure where to find some? Shop at The Accessory Barn now and find some great pairs that will be the perfect add-on to your denim love.

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