5 Tips to Help with Uncomfortable Shoes

It's sometimes a never ending battle to make shoes more comfortable, but I have some top tips to overcome the issue.
  • Do you want the protection of a band-aid but don’t like the look of them on your feet? Get some stick-on fabric and cut it to your preferred size. Stick on to the heel, straps, or other areas of the shoe or sandal that hurt your feet!
  • On the market, there are also plenty of different types of silicone pads and insoles that slip inside your shoes to make your shoe-wearing a lot more comfortable. Cushioning under the balls of your feet tend to be a sound investment!
  • By taping your toes together with medical tape, especially your 3rd and 4th toes, your feet will be noticeably less painful in heels. It relieves some of the pressure put on your nerves while walking in heels, so you can last that bit longer without hobbling!
  • Let’s go back a few steps to the moment you’re trying on these shoes in the shop. Ensure you do your shoe hunting in the afternoon or evening, as your feet can swell up quite a lot by the end of the day (sometimes half a size bigger!). Trying on your shoes then will ensure you buy the right size for your feet.
  • Or...forego the pain entirely, and choose a comfortable pair of Grandco Sandals! With arch support, soft soles, and undoubtedly beautiful designs, they are the ‘must-have’ addition to your summer wardrobe!

Grandco Sandal Orion

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