5 Steps to an at Pedicure at Home

Constantly walking every day, exposing your feet to extreme weather conditions, and ignoring your feet can have them looking old and tired in no time. 

However, we all know how hard it is to take out an hour or two to go to a salon and get our pedicure done. It could be your tough schedule or even a quarantine that prevents you from getting your feet all pampered. 

But no need to worry. We’ve got the perfect solution: a step-by-step guide to doing your pedicure at home. Once you’re done with this, your feet will look all clean and smooth, and ready to flaunt your favorite jeweled sandals. Let’s get started. 

Essential items for a pedicure

• Nail polish remover

• Nail clippers

• Nail file

• A small tub to soak your feet in

• Small pebbles (optional)

• Essential oils/salt/shampoo (optional)

• Soft towel

• Pumice stone/foot file

• Cuticle oil/cream/vicks vapour rub

• Cuticle pusher

• Moisturizer

• Your favorite nail polish

Guide to Doing a Pedicure at Home

Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to start with the pedicure. You can light some scented candles, grab some magazines, put on a soothing playlist, and most importantly, pour yourself some wine to truly feel pampered while you do your pedicure at home. 

Preparing Your Nails

The first thing you need to do is clean and prepare your nails. For this, grab the nail polish remover and some cotton balls and remove any old nail polish from your toes. Then, grab the nail clippers and start clipping your nails. 

Make sure you don’t cut your nails too short or too long, as both can look messy. In addition to that, don’t clip the toenails at the corner too much. They might look neat right now, but once they start growing, you could end up with ingrown nails, which can be quite painful. 

Once you’re done trimming your nails, it’s time to shape them. Using the nail file, gently start filing your nails to give them a nice and clean shape. Depending on the natural shape of your toes and nails, you could go for a square shape or oval shape, or any other shape you prefer. When filing your nails, be careful not to put too much pressure as you could end up breaking or damaging your nails. 

Soaking Your Toes to Get Sandal Ready

This is definitely our favorite part of doing a pedicure at home. This is where you can go all out to pamper your feet or stick to basics for a quick pedicure. With your nails all clean and prepared, it’s time to soak your feet. Take the small tub or a basin, or you can even do it in your bathtub. 

Fill the tub with some warm water to soak your feet in for about 20 minutes. You can stick with warm water or add other things to upgrade your pedicure experience. These include Epsom salt, which helps draw out toxins from your feet and gently exfoliates the skin. 

You can add your favorite essential oils for more fragrance as well as hydration. Placing a few small pebbles under your feet can make it feel like you are getting a massage, thereby helping you relax and further pampering yourself. Other than that, you can add shampoo, lemon juice, vinegar, and much more. 

Exfoliating Your Feet

Once your foot has been soaking for a while, take them out and dry them using a soft towel. Apply some cuticle cream or oil on the cuticles and let it sit for a while to work its magic. In the meanwhile, you can start exfoliating your feet which is another satisfying step. 

Gently start rubbing the heels with a pumice stone or foot file to get rid of dead skin cells. Be careful in the amount of pressure you apply, as your feet will be quite soft from the soaking. Once you’ve exfoliated the feet all over, remove any residues and clean the feet using a soft towel. Remove the cuticle cream and use a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles into a clean shape. 

Moisturizing Your Toes & Feet

Another important step is to moisturize your feet. During the soaking and exfoliating, your feet must have become clean but also dry. Therefore, you have to put that hydration and moisture back in. 

Use a good moisturizer for the feet and start massaging it into your feet. It’s best to use one that is specifically formulated for the feet as they tend to penetrate deeper. Take your time to rub it all in gently. This will help improve the circulation in your feet and stimulate the nerves as well. Vicks Vapor rub is a great edition to help soften those feet.

Painting Your Nails

Finally, another exciting part of doing your pedicure at home: painting your nails! But before that, make sure you clean the nails to get rid of any oils on them. This helps your nail polish stay on for longer. Apply a base coat first and let it dry. 

Then apply the first coat of favorite nail color. Let it dry, and then go for the second coat. Use a Q-tip to clean any mistakes. Finally, finish off with a top coat on your nails to ensure the color lasts a long time as your strut around town in your jeweled sandals and freshly-pedicured feet. 


If you’ve been avoiding wearing your favorite pair of jeweled sandals, now is the time to pull them out. Once you are done with this easy pedicure at home, your feet will feel pampered, smooth and clean, just like when you get a pedicure at a salon. So, be it jeweled sandals or beaded thongs, get ready to turn heads as you walk through town with your favorite sandals and glammed-up feet.

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