4 Ways to Update Your Closet

While we’re soon be in the thick of winter, spring will soon be here, and unless you’re living in a mansion, you’re likely just a little bit concerned about revamping your wardrobe for spring. You’ve probably worn each outfit at least twice or thrice and must be dramatically contemplating emptying your closet and starting over. 

Of course, if it were that easy to update your entire wardrobe, you wouldn’t be reading this. So what can you do? Well, instead of spending money on new clothes and missing out on next month’s rent, you can try the following and get an amped-up wardrobe for the new season:

Experiment with New Combinations

Instead of throwing out your old clothes, you can get creative and combine them in a way that gives you a whole new look. Simply layering skirts over dresses will double your current number of outfits. You can also follow blogs that talk about repeating outfits in new ways. 

Don’t Give Away Your Clothes; Swap Them 

Another great way to revamp your wardrobe is swapping your old clothes with new ones. You can get store credit for them and enjoy the best of both worlds. Your wardrobe will no longer be cluttered with pieces you can’t bear to look at anymore, let alone wear them, and you also get to buy new things that you can enjoy! 

Polish up Your Clothes 

If your clothes start to feel a little outdated, do not worry! You don’t have to give up on them just yet. What you can do is try and tweak the finer details and get a new look. For example, you can swap the old buttons on your coats and dresses with new ones that look more polished and expensive. Small changes like that will not only be cheaper than buying a new dress, but they’ll also bring back some of the freshness that was missing. You can also add a new belt to an outfit and watch it completely transform before your eyes. 

Invest in Shoes and Bags

Instead of revamping your wardrobe for spring with new dresses, tops, and skirts, you can invest in buying new shoes and bags instead. They’re less expensive, and they can help change the look and feel of your outfit. You can also consider buying shoes that you always thought of purchasing, but never did because you chose to buy a new dress in place of them. 

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