Looking for some ways to update your look and tie a scarf, then look no further.

European Tie Knot

Fold your scarf in half lengthways drape it behind your head with the tassels on your left shoulder. Pull the open ends through the loop at the folded end of the pashmina.

Classic Tie Knot

Fold your pashmina in half along the width. Position the scarf center at the front of your neck, with the end draped over your back. Cross ends over your left shoulder to the right. Place ends over your right shoulder to the left, bringing them to the front of your neck. Tie a loose knot at the front and tuck it underneath the pashmina's wrapped portion, keeping the upper layer that covers the knot loose.

City Tie Knot

Drape the scarf around your neck, so both sides are of equal length. Take the right side only and tie a loose knot in the middle of this side of the scarf. Take the left side of the pashmina and thread it through and tighten the knot.

Traditional Knot

Wrap your pashmina loosely around your neck on one side. Place one end over your shoulder and the other end at your front.


  • Update your wardrobe the affordable way by using accessories 
  • Wearing jewelry or a cute pashmina scarf can pull an outfit together 
  • Accessories will make your closet seem larger

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