3 Reasons to Visit The Beach

For many, a trip to the beach means getting a suntan. However, being near the sea can have a lot of benefits for you mentally too. 

Being near water can encourage your body and mind to take on a meditative state, meaning you’re much likely to feel calmer and more composed if you sit near the sea. Watching the motion of the waves can also help you to breathe deeper, as you may adopt the ‘in and out’ tides into your breathing. 

Watching the ocean can also be very inspiring and can lead to creative thoughts. We all know a change of scenery can help us think more clearly sometimes, so how about a trip to the beach? As you gaze into the horizon, you’ll feel like a drop in the ocean, and this probably will spark some new ideas. Creative people - take note!

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Sitting in the sun is enough to cheer anyone up, so catching some rays on the beach will vastly improve your mood! Vitamin D in the sunlight helps your immune system, plus it is proven that sea air can balance serotonin levels, therefore boosting your mood. So many benefits! Don't forget your Grandco Sandals will also look great at the beach! 

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