3 Essential Items for a Beach Trip

Are you planning a beach trip anytime soon? A beach trip can be a fun day out for your family or with friends. Who doesn't love making memories with friends and family to remember what everyone had a good day? Before making your list of things to take, have a read of our beach essentials and take note of what you absolutely mustn't miss ensuring a fantastic day in the sun.

A Good Pair Of Jeweled Sandals

Choose your favorite pair of Grandco Sandals to keep your feet comfy and looking stylish while you relax on the sand. They are easy to slip on and off, are completely waterproof, and can coordinate with any beachwear combination. 

A Beach Dress

A quick way to cover up on the beach is by investing in one of The Accessory Barn beach wraps. Just wrap around your bikini as a dress or sarong - whichever you prefer! It's so much easier than trying to balance on the sand while putting on a pair of shorts.

Your Favorite Sunglasses

A beach trip is never complete without a pair of sunglasses! It's essential to keep your eyes healthy with glasses that have UV protection, so no matter how powerful the sun gets, your eyes are covered from the dangerous rays.



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