2 Reasons to Wear Great Fitting Shoes or Sandals

Are tight work shoes suffocating your feet all day long? Take a leaf out of our book and find one pair of comfortable shoes that suit your feet. Here are the reasons why it is vital to wear well-fitting shoes daily. 

Keep Your Feet Healthy

The bone structure of your feet requires a shoe shape and comfortable fit that will complement your feet. Once you start wearing shoes that don't fit right regularly, your feet will be far from happy. Over time, this can lead to slight deformations of your feet and toes and may cause a lot of pain if you're standing for hours on end. When Grandco Sandal weather arrives, we all want great looking toes!

Prevent Nasty Sores

Be it callouses, corns, blisters, or bunions; your feet will tell you when your shoes aren't right. We've all been there with a pair of shoes that seem to take forever to 'wear in,' but has it occurred to you that they'll never be right? Remember, your feet are unique, and the shoe structure may not be suitable for you. Try a few different types of jeweled sandals or shoes until you come across a pair that you click with - don't just keep putting band-aids over your blisters and hoping they'll be comfy sometime in the future!

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