Best Selling GRANDCO SANDAL Style in March

Once again, drum roll for Grandco Sandal Expression it has been our top-selling sandal for March.

Grandco Sandals - Expression

Grandco Sandals Expression


This fun beaded sandal has been a popular choice with ladies since being introduced a few years back, with the blue shoe outselling black and brown every time! Grandco Sandals are the pinnacle of sandal perfection. Once your feet are cradled in their all-over comfort and beautifully beaded straps, you will wonder why you ever settled for less when it came to casual footwear. 

Grandco Sandals - Rainbow Wedge

Grandco Sandals Rainbow

When this style sells, I have found that it is usually purchased with Rainbow Wedge in black more often than not. What a great team Rainbow Wedge and Expression style make - one pair with colorful beading and the other with a marbled glittered stone.

Both sandals are great during the day, but if you were going on vacation and only wanting to take two pairs, these would be the perfect combination. Wear Expression with your jeans or shorts during the day. Once evening comes, throw on a simple black dress with a lovely pashmina, a pair of Rainbow, and you are ready for whatever the night brings.

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